This Knife Squeegee Is The Most Brilliant Kitchen Gadget Ever

Everyone has a technique for cleaning every last bit of chopped food off a knife, but odds are it's either damaging the blade or putting your fingers at risk. Quirky has come up with a better way: a simple clip-on attachment that slides down the blade wiping off everything in its path.

Pricing and availability for the Glide hasn't been locked down just yet, but the brilliant little accessory shouldn't actually be that pricey given how simple it is. And even if it ends up being ridiculously expensive, it's probably still worth the price if it means your fingers never end up smelling like garlic or stinging from hot peppers ever again.

[Quirky via TheGreenHead]



    And your too lazy to just use your fingers?

      I think he made it pretty clear he doesn't wan't to cut himself or get his hands dirty.

    Pricing and availability for the Glide hasn’t been locked down just yet
    If it costs more than 50c each then it's a rip off. It looks more like something you'd buy a pack of 5 of from your nearest dollar store.

    I just slide the side of the knife on the edge of the cutting board or bowl to remove whats stuck...?... Or am I doing wrong?

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