This Is Not A Scene From Blade Runner


    Time to live life anew in the Offworld colonies?

    iPhone ? what about samsung and android ? I thought they were winning market share ipso facto they are more culpable for smog than apple ... douche

      haha.. +1 for Father Ted.. best smack back I've read in a while

      iPhone is a bigger symbol of consumerism than android.

    Ah Yes, that's the IBM building I believe.

      Is that the one in the shape of a dragon near the Olympic Park? I thought that was a hotel?

        Correct. Noticed it while holidaying there. Took a pic too without the smog too in December just in case I forgot.

    If only we had Mega-Maid... set that thing to suck right over China. I just hope we don't lose more then a few thousand years worth of air. :p

    Last time I was in Beijing there was freakishly fine weather. Clear blue skies for days. Could even see all along the Great Wall. It is a beautiful place when the grey pollution fog doesn't hang around.

      Yeah it is pretty nice, even in moderate haze. I went to Shanghai as well - that seemed super "clean" compared to Beijing. Blue skies and really green.

    Extreme smog and pollution in Beijing is so awesome if you don't live there apparently. Maybe people like the author should live there and see if he keeps using awesome to describe this.

    So glad Australia has a carbon tax!
    We're healing the world!!!!

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