This House Is Beyond Incredible

The X House is not the name of a popular rave venue, it's an awesome X-shaped home hanging off a cliff outside Barcelona, Spain.

Designed by Spanish architecture firm Cadaval & Solà-Morales, the awe-inspiring pad is basically two intersecting rectangular structures with four triangular recesses. One on the side avoids a tree, the other gives a view of neighbouring houses, the back one is home to the garage, and the front — the pièce de résistance — is made entirely of windows for an incredible view of the hills below. Whether they're classic Gaudí creations or modern structures like this one, the buildings in Barcelona are consistently incredible. The X House is no exception. The owners better have awesome parties.



    Meh. Awesome location, but I really don't care for these ultra modern styled houses. No character or personality, just a concrete shoebox with windows.

    It's interesting, certainly has a modicum of individualism and flare... but this new wave of retro modernist revival pieces all tend to look a bit too much like CG renderings now- it's stuff that works great on the computer screen when you want to sketch up a pastiche of an old fashion modernist structure, but lacks the genuine cleverness and "cool" of true modernist designs of yore...

    It really reminds me a lot more of the style of anti aircraft WWII fortifications and watchposts, with all the boldness and technical brutality, but without the wit or humanity of the style it wants to ape.

    I stayed at the round house for 6 days over new years on Hammo, it's a great house, there a few great places to stay there, the glass house looks good. The Round House is old, but for it's age it is something else.

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