This Girl Has The Best Facebook Cover Photos

Maybe you change your Facebook cover photo according to the season. Maybe you hacked the Facebook cover photo to look seamless. Maybe you pranked people with your photo. But no matter what you did, it probably wasn't as pop culturally aware as Libby Cooper. She inserted her head into famous scenes from movies and paintings and other pictures and the result is hilariously adorable.

Libby says that she doesn't think people understand how lonely she is on Facebook to create all these pictures. I don't care what Libby says. We should all be her friend just to see what she can come up with next. See more of Libby's cover photos here. [Somaliks Tumblr via BuzzFeed]


    "Maybe you hacked the Facebook cover photo to look seamless" That seems a strange way to describe photoshop?

      I think they actually changed the definition of the word "hack" to mean "doing anything even remotely technical".

        I hacked my super soaker to shoot out pepsi
        I hacked a bookshelf by using cinderblocks and planks of wood
        I hacked my remote control with gaff tape to secure the batteries
        I hacked a pizza by putting sausage in the crust

          Yeah? Well I hacked this website by posting a comment!

    This would be far better if, instead of poor photoshop(or maybe mspaint?) work, she restaged the profile picture part of the image

    I like the ideas but the photoshop work is horrible. Ruins the whole point...

      I think that was intentional. It is so obviously awful that it is intended to be ironic (IMHO).

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