Clever Resume Styled Like An Amazon Page Is So Good I Would Buy It

Making your resume stand out from a pile of papers or a bunch of pixels on a screen is hard as hell. How can people who went to similar schools and worked similar jobs and have similar skills differentiate themselves? By being clever. Like Philippe Dubost. He turned his resume into an Amazon product page. It's brilliant!

Philippe Dubost, a web product manager, refashioned the boring 'ol lines on lines on lines on no margins resume into something that is pretty much universally known: Amazon. He essentially put his resume on Amazon. Reviews come from previous employers, descriptions show off his work experience and skills, adding to cart lets you contact Dubost. He even had some fun and threw in a cute joke about "Only 1 left in stock" and "Add to cart for pricing information". It's great.

If anyone needs a web product manager, go get yourself a Philippe Dubost. [PhilDub via Design Taxi]



    How much did he pay you to advertise him?

      Why so negative? It's an awesome résumé and worth reporting I reckon!

    original and that's what employers look for, originality. I like it!

      I like it too but, on the other hand, why hire a guy that openly rips someone else's design?

    Not sure I like it. It's clever, but it would make more sense for a designer (and then they should have their own design). I'm not sure this really suits or adds anything to a 'management' based role; and it'd be a PITA to read and goes against the whole "keep it clean and short" advice that is usually given when writing a resume.

    It helps you stand out in that on the surface it looks different, it also detracts from the actual qualifications on the page.

    Its clever, but I'd reference it in a Resume/CV rather than make it my resume.

    Most job agents I know will take a CV, strip everything out and only send a list of skills and years experience to their clients. Thus the CV I send them is pretty damn basic.

    If Im applying directly with a company, they get my fancy one.

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