This Awesome Spiral Apple Slicer Is A Good Excuse For A Resolution

In January everyone makes the same New Year's resolution to be healthier. And not everyone follows through -- you can tell because the gyms are emptier. You can at least start on the eating better portion with the Giro apple slicer.

It'll be an easy one to keep because the slicer gives you awesome spirals of delicious apples. Plus you don't have to eat the whole thing at once. Keep the slicer on top and your fruit will stay fresh and won't brown. Your resolutions for 2013 are done. You're welcome. [The Fancy]


    looks like a HDD platter, there doesnt appear to be any grip on the sides though so i wonder how it will go with apple juice all over your hands. there's also nothing stopping your hand from slipping over the blade and getting cut

    Last edited 03/01/13 11:04 am

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