This Awesome Animated Short Is A Student Film

Good. Bad. These are relative ideals that depend almost entirely on which end of the gun is facing us. A quartet of French art students -- Michaël Balthazart, Clément Granjon, Quentin Sauvinet, and Raphaël Gaudin -- collaborated at ArtFX 2012 to explore this concept in Voile Noir, which follows a pair of pilots as they attempt to deliver a bomb that will end the war.

The result -- from the modelling to the pacing to the whiplash-inducing plot twist -- is simply spectacular.


    Could've done with a better narrator, but ... wow! Awesome work.

      And a better script for him.. what's this "as I said" business! Sounds like a narrative.

      I'm sure the original narration in French sounds a lot more sexier (no offence to the English narrator).

    Has something happened to this link? At first I couldn't get it to play so I reloaded the page and now al I see is a blank area where the vide player shoud be.

    I found it on Vimeo by myself, though, and it is very well done.

    Couple of issues with the direction and voiceover by movie standards, but frankly well ahead of the standard set by many games. Amazing for student project.

      Voiceover's obvious, but what do you see with the direction?

    Good. Bad. These are relative ideals that depend almost entirely on whether you are for or against American interests.

    bit of a Nazi undertone there but the animation of the dogfight is awesome

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