These Fantastic Doctor Who And Transformers Coins Will Be Legal Tender In New Zealand

How is New Zealand not one of the coolest countries on Earth? If doubt, well-fortified in a keep made of discard neurons, continues to reside in your mind, then these promo coins from the NZ Mint featuring Doctor Who's TARDIS and the two leaders of the Transfomers should do the trick.

There are three coins divided into two sets — the Doctor Who coin by its lonesome and Optimus Prime and Megatron in a two-pack. All coins are made from .999 silver, with the Doctor Who one measuring 40.1mm in diameter and the Transformers 40.7mm. The words "Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 1963 – 2013" are engraved on the Doctor Who coin.

If you thought the coins looked good, you should check out the packaging below. The Doctor Who coin gets its very own TARDIS (a TARDIS inside a TARDIS... surely that would tear the space/time continuum a new one?) and the Transformers a nice embossed display cube.

As you'd expect, the coins will be minted in a limited run, with 10,000 Doctor Who coins and 5000 for the Transformers — though for the latter it isn't clear if this is the total number of sets, total coins, or totals for each coin.

While you'd never spend them, the coins have a face value of $NZ2, making them legal tender in New Zealand. And that leads us to prices — well, price — the Doctor Who coin is just marked "coming soon", but the Transformers will set you back $223.96. This is in Australian dollars and does not include shipping.

Shame these are only coming out now, they'd have made for brilliant Christmas gifts! Hopefully you have a birthday coming up...

[New Zealand Mint, via Geekologie]

Images: New Zealand Mint

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