The Original Android Mascots Were Super Scary

Google's little green android is now a well-known tech icon. But these pictures -- the original concept drawings for the Android mascot -- show what could have been if Google hadn't used a talented designer to realise its ideas.

Posted on Google+ by Google's Dan Morrill, these are the first mascot designs ever produced for Android. Produced in Inkscape over "a couple of hours", they were destined for an internal presentation which introduced Android APIs to Google's developers.

The general ideas seemed to go down well -- but were ultimately re-imagined by professional designer Irina Blok. Thank goodness: the originals were terrifying. [Google+ via The Verge]


    They are a bit odd, but then they decided to go with a bin with a South Park Canadian head... Which is a bit odd because an android is supposed to look like a person.

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