The Next Trick Up Apple's Sleeve: Super Speedy Wi-Fi For Macs?

According to a report by The Next Web, the next generation of Apple's Mac lineup won't look much different -- understandable, given the 2012 overhaul -- but the guts will be shiny and new. Importantly, there will be a new Broadcom chipset that boosts Mac Wi-Fi to the 802.11ac standard.

Translation: Internet Go Zoom.

Apple won't be the first laptop manufacturer to roll the speedy -- 1.3Gbps throughput with three antennas -- 802.11ac Wi-Fi; Asus rolled it into a gaming notebook last year. But as TNW points out, it would be the first company to introduce what's known as 5G Wi-Fi on a broad scale. It would also give Apple a crucial talking point in the wake of last year's retina successes.

As for timing, well, who's to say? While MacBooks are due for a spec bump in the coming months, apparently Broadcom hasn't finished work on the magic chipset yet. Let's hope it puts a bow on it soon; fast can't get here fast enough. [TNW]

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    Yep - as soon as we have wifi routers, streaming needs and internet at this speed it will be great. Until then it is just an overkill Marketing Gimmick.

      I was given a Wireless AC router and have a 2012 retina macbook pro.. This would have been excellent news for me had I waited 6 months but meh.. what can I do.. I'd be stupid / consumer whore / if I went and sold mine and bought the new one. I just wanted to note that it wouldn't be overkill to some people who already have the router / need for faster wireless - I stream from my NAS and it lags up often.

    Even though I don't intend on buying an Apple product any time soon, I'm pretty happy that 802.11ac is finally making it into devices (apart from routers).

    Internet go zoom?

    How does faster WiFi make broadband faster? Are there ANY broadband plans in Australia that are being held back by the speed of 802.11n?!

      Agreed. It's nice to have, but fairly pointless unless you're streaming ripped Blu-rays from a NAS to your MacBook at longe range....which I'm not sure why you'd be doing your TV maybe, but we're not talking about a TV here.

      Just Apple being Apple- get it while no one needs it to charge more and better marketing. Hey, what can you say, it works for them.

        You're an absolute idiot. If they launched 11ac after everyone else did, they'd be copying everyone else — but because they're adding it in its infantile stage, they're using it as an excuse to 'charge more'. Right.

          What's with all the insults on Gizmodo lately? I know its the internet and all, but is it really necessary? So you disagree with me, you're entitled to, there's no need to carry on.

          Apple have a long history of adopting technologies that are not yet mainstream and charging more for it. That's fact. AC will be at LEAST another year, maybe 2, before it becomes standard. And frankly there are still likely to be very few people who use its full potential.

          If Apple want to add it, they're entitled to. But 75% of the people who buy one, won't use it before upgrading again anyway, since they're not gonna upgrade their router and nor is work, their friends nor the local McDonalds in that time.

    will probably be another mini model.

    they will advertise its much much faster, but it won't be.

    sheep will buy it

      can we have automatic deletion of 'sheep', 'sheeple' or 'isheep' comments? They're gettin' reeaaaal old.

    I'm no sheep,I don't have android,windows !


      That's right, you have GLUE, INTEL chips and SAMSUNG parts with the state of the art Apple Mac POS operating system.

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    Where's all the GLUE ?

    Apple Mac's are just GLUE, INTEL chips and SAMSUNG parts.

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