The New American Airlines And A Glimpse At Its Techie Future

American Airlines has today revealed its plans for a "New American" with a fresh redesign of its livery, which hasn't been updated since 1968 and a handful of tidbits about its techie new future. The new paint job can be seen on its new Boeing 777-300 when it takes flight at the end of the month.

American Airlines will be serving up electrical outlets and Wi-Fi in its new planes "to every customer on nearly all US flights" and on some international flights beginning sometime around now. You'll also see brand spankin' new in-flight entertainment centres in every class of service.

And to better assist its passengers, the flight crew of the New American will be outfitted with tablets and phablets. Pilots will receive iPads, while flight attendants will be rocking Galaxy Notes. And gate agents will be getting "mobile devices" of some nature.

To date it seems as though its iOS app, which supports Passbook, was the most advanced product in American's portfolio.

Whether any of this will change its horrendous service is anyone's guess. [New American]

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