The Most Depressing Thing We've Seen At CES 2013 (So Far)

Joseph Ward Simmons is at CES this year hawking headphones. So are a lot of people. But Simmons is better known as Rev Run, founding member of one of the most influential groups in all musical history. He deserves better.

We spotted Rev Run at this year's Pepcom -- a sort of CES sideshow, with middling gadgets put on display mostly for lazy journalists and various gadget mutants in Hoverounds. He was in the back, without any billing. He stood there, swaying, glassy-eyed, mumbling the lyrics of his own songs. Then he stopped and told us to check out Jabra's headphones as people looked up from their phones and stared, quiet and still. The headphones don't even have Rev Run's name on them.

Here he is performing in front of a gigantic crowd, because he is massively talented.

Rev Run needs a new agent. Rev Run shouldn't need a check this badly. This would be like Keith Richards twirling a USB cable over his head. It made us sad.


    Isn't there an Aerosmith song he should be ruining?

      dude did rap a song about sneakers back in the day.

      *slap* Show some ****ing respect. They made that song ten times better.

        haha yeah they turned it into a hit and all but gotta take the piss out of the man selling someone else's headphones in the back alley at CES.

    "Rev Run shouldn't need a check this badly."

    - Did you mean cheque? Or perhaps because he is in America he wants a check?

    My Jabra

      That sounds like your being rude. Or you've given your manwich an unusual name.

        You're - in before the grammar pedants.

          Your was right.

          You're = you are.

            "That sounds like you are being rude" not the Manwich part.
            Your was wrong Zap :P
            I can see where you got mixed up though.

    Is it a case of needing the money though, or is he doing it because he just wants to? I'd like to know, a lot of artists like to get 'back to basics' in their industry now and then as well. If its the case of needing to, that really is unfortunate :(

    I'm sorry but if this guy is from Run DMC, I'd hardly call them "one of the most influential groups in all musical history". I'm sure they ahve been influential in their own, sad genre but if it wasn't for Aerosmith (who are generally awful), I wouldn't have heard of 'em at all.

      And I'm sorry but you are not really the measure of success for any band. While you may not like hip hop they are undeniably one of the seminal hip hop acts.

      That you only know Walk This Way says more about you than it does about RunDMC.

    Never heard of the bloke. I'm guessing he signed a contact with a label that got him .01 of a cent per album?

      you would have heard of "it's tricky" by Run DMC

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