The Magical iOS App That Will Inspire Your Next Movie Marathon

As you hibernate, you need to occupy yourself. That means lots of movies and books to catch up on. A simple new app called Done Not Done will help you keep track of everything you want to read, watch, or listen to.

It starts like this: You use a website or an iPhone app to set up an account. Connect to either your Facebook or Twitter account to find friends and see what movies and books they're peeping. Done Not Done will then ask you to rate various flicks you've seen or books you've read, and save titles you haven't seen to a queue for you to check out later.

As these things usually work, the more you use it, and the more of your friends that catch on, the better it gets to know you. You'll never wonder what book to dig into next next or what film to download, because you'll have constant suggestions to tack onto your running list on Done Not Done. And you'll be certain the next three months of winter will not leave you bored. [Done Not Done]

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