The Definitive Compilation Of Segway Fails

Helmet? Check. Segway? Got it. Total dweeb status? Done and done. Under normal circumstances, it's hard to look at someone riding the personal transportation system without cracking up. But try watching a series of people falling off of Segways, and it's utterly impossible to keep a straight face.

From what it looks like, the Segway is actually very difficult to master. Some of these operators delude themselves into thinking they look like total badasses. They don't. [WorldWideInterweb]


    Didn't the guy that invented these go off the edge of a cliff whilst riding one?

      I believe it was Jimi Heselden, the owner of the Segway company that died not Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway.

      Either way.. .Failing at life!

    hilarious ... many smiles brought my way on a particularly stressy day :)

    Surely one or more of these accidents has attracted a lawsuit for Kamen? Unless he has some kind of bullet proof caveat that keeps the heat off?

    Wow! It looks like they don't switch off when you let go of the handlebars! I'd have thought that would be safety rule #1. Also, in several clips it looks like bits fall off the bike during the crash.

      You could use them without hands I guess, and still ride them. They should just detect odd frequent movements, large changes center of gravity. The problem with these things though, is accidents do seem to happen very quickly, it's too easy to lose control.

        I too felt very comfortable on the Segway, until the thing literally and violently throw me off when my back wheel barely brushed a cement wall. I sustained a fractured pelvis and my Italian vacation was ruined. I also hit my head and was very lucky I had a helmet on and did not hit it harder. These things are very dangerous!

    I'm wondering if these are all actually Segways. They look like all sorts of different knock off's which could explain worse motor control logic.
    But I'm sure these things can happen with original Segways anyway.

    Not sure why people have trouble with these - went on a tour of Berlin on one and after about 10 minutes I felt like I'd always been riding/steering/whatever one. You learn the nuance of slight movements fairly quick.

    Aww, I was looking forward to newsreaders failing at trying to go from a story about kittens being stabbed to death to a story about economic recovery. "Those kittens' hearts may have stopped, but the economy keeps going. John from CommSec has more..."

    ha ha ha, that was hilarious! The Bomb Disposal guy was my favourite, he obviously knew what was coming

    lol at the channel 9 commentator and cameraman...
    watching this video makes me not want to try them... especially after I fractured my elbow after standing on a skateboard for 2 seconds, i don't think i'd have a hope on them... :S

    After trying one this weekend on off-road pathways, the real deal is easy control when concentrating; however being an idiot can do you some damage. Great fun, pity they didn't take off.

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