Speed Graffiti: Watch These Artists Make An Awesome Gizmodo iPhone Case

There are a lot of iPhone cases here at CES. Imagine a warehouse full of iPhone cases, then multiply it by 10. Australian case vendor, Cygnett, is standing out by getting graffiti artists to make awesome cases right before your eyes here at the show. Watch this awesome case come together in our speed graffiti video.

Thanks to the artists at Tats Cru for putting together this wicked iPhone 5 case. Who wants it? Tell us what your graffiti tag name would be and we'll pick the best one.

Music by Broke for Free


    haha laughed harder then I should have at Tager Woods.

    sooper el speedi grafeeti?

    was expecting something awesome but this is fairly 'meh'.

    as my name is because its one of the first thing the owners of wherever was tagged would say..



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