Some Folks Are Paying $125 To Downgrade To Windows 7

We think there's a lot to love about Windows 8, but not everybody feels that way. Some people hate it. This computer store is offering a service to help the clueless users who want nothing more than to go back to Windows 7.

We can't help but crack up at this special offer spotted by Michael Jurewitz from a Microsoft-certified service centre. For just $US125, you can go back to the ugliness of Windows 7. Doesn't speak too highly of Microsoft's new OS that people are willing to regress just to get away with it. But, hey, if you make a product for millions of people, not everyone is going to be happy. [Cult of Mac via Twitter]


    Is it really a bad os or are people just scared of change?

      haha, the second one. windows has a long legacy and it had become a bit bloated and unfocused. they had to make some big changes at some stage. once you learn the basic gestures and controls and keep in mind that the metro interface IS just a full screen start menu you realise it isn't that different and that you can work quite fast with it.

        I don't dislike Windows 8, but if I was to put it side by side with Windows 7 and then label one as "unfocused" and "bloated", it'd be Windows 8 that would come up second best. Technically it may be more efficient, but Metro/Modern UI is not merely a full screen start menu given the push behind Metro/Modern applications which behave differently to the traditional desktop applications. It's resulted in an OS where many applications have various versions that aren't necessarily the same depending on what versions run.

        Thats not to say it's a bad OS. But I don't think focus is it's strong point, nor do I think having Desktop and Modern versions of browsers etc leads to an unbloated release.

        To clarify, one of WIndows 8's strengths is probably thatit has a much broader focus. It's made a much more conscious effort to cater to moose and touch input as well as being desktop, laptop and tablet friendly. It's UI is the first to bridge the XBox and Mobile OSs in a meaningful way to. I think Windows 7 is more focused as it really was aimed purely at desktop/laptops with a mouse.

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          You could subjectively say it is unfocused though you cannot say it is bloated as it is proven system wise and how it handles task to be more efficient so it is factually more efficient and less bloated than Win7.

            Theres various ways to define bloat. There's bloated code and there is bloated interfaces and work flows. As I said alluded to, technically it probably runs smoother due to lower resource requirements. On the other hand there is UI bloat which is what I was looking at. Two UIs (Desktop vs Modern) which largely are independent of one another and run different application builds (so you end up with multiple web browsers to cater for each interface) absolutely is bloat. In many cases you can do essentially the same task in more ways than you previously could. Some may call that choice, personally in many ways I feel it's redundancy.

            The desktop hasn't changed a lot since Windows 7, but the Modern UI is a very beefy UI addition in place of the arguably much more minimalistic start menu (in both form and function).

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    personally I don't think so. Some people just don't get used to change.

    ugliness of windows 7? cos windows 8 is so beautiful?

      After using Windows 8 for a while, Aero in Windows 7 looks a bit tacky.

    They took our stert!

    Same thing happened for vista downgrades to XP.. although that was justified.

    I'm still sitting on win7 at the moment, i just dont see any reason to switch to 8 yet.
    give me WINFS in win8 and ill think about it.

    They're charging for servicing time, not for the actual Win 7. Seems normal.

    jeeeezuuus. a free little app like Pokki gives you back everything you know about windows 7 but leaves the newness of 8 for when you need it.

      Which is sadly too complicated for the average user...

    I've been asked by someone to downgrade their Win 7 to Vista. From experience, it's purely about not liking change.

    Windows 8 - A step forward for touch screen users, A step backwards for Mouse users...

    The functionality of the OS is fine, its essentially a tweaked windows 7.
    The thing i'm getting frustrated with is everything i want to do now takes 2 or 3 more steps than normal.. from simple things like shutting down to searching for things (pressing windows key + type). You have to select a category to search in which is stupid as windows 7 search was excellent and always gave me the hits i wanted. now i have to push down arrows and make sure its in the right category like apps or settings etc or i wont get what i want. eg: hit windows key type UAC hit enter on windows 7 done. These little things can be look passed on a desktop but when using a touchpad and having to go to the corner then wait for menu then move mouse left again but not too much or menu disappears then go down and select what you want etc. its kinda annoying. If they had an option to just choose the old style theme of windows 7 this version of windows would be 10/10.
    The start screen never bothers me as once i'm in desktop i rarely leave it.. ever. but mainly because i know my shortcut keys etc. But when a power user like myself had to google how to shutdown my computer (using menus), you know there is something wrong... to use Alt-f4 to shutdown you have to click the desktop background before doing so, you can't just do it 2-3 times and eventually bring up the shutdown window.. just silly things like this annoy me.
    Some things are good like the right click on bottom left and getting access to device manager and others, easier. I like that, but then they go and wreck these improvements elsewhere. Trying to get you to use fullscreen apps instead of the proper application is annoying. (skype) being one of them. Having the options for the app version is good, for touch users, but not everyone is using windows 8 on a touch device.
    Hopefully Microsoft aren't stubborn and take to constructive criticism and make this windows for everyone in the first service pack...

      My god, I am sure you could make anything sound tedious. You're talking fractions of seconds which over time will be irrelevant as it will become second nature to users so those few fractions spent pressing down will be gone because it will already be done intuitively.

      Hopefully users can get with the program to move forward and be better you HAVE to change.

    I think that if you don't have a touchscreen, Windows 8 is actually a bit difficult to use. I installed it on a HTPC hooked up to my TV, and without the touchscreen it's kinda hard to control it. Now, if they can get the Kinect for Windows to work out of the box with Windows 8, then I could "Minority Report" my TV and then it would be fantastic.

    Yep they need to have patch so you can select run as "desktop mode" or as "tablet mode".

    i have found trying to have a multiple windows on the screen at once is hard, well actually havent figured it out yet with windows 8, makes my productivity feel so much slower. i like having things like copying windows open over the top of the window im using, little thigs like that.

    I'm using a PC not a TABLET.

      You haven't used because your comment makes no sense as to a year long user on Window 8. Desktop mode? Tablet mode? It's a PC, use it. Having multiple windows on one screen is hard? I don't understand how it is hard. I have Chrome, iTunes, uTorrent, Guild Wars 2 and 3 folders open now, no drama. I think you're literally using it wrong.

        I'm referring to clicking on the button called "desktop", and yes the programs you mention you can have window mode, have you tried using window mode in apps that are win 8, like chrome for 8, internet explorer or the inbuilt picture viewer, music player they all go full screen unless you can tell me how you can run them in windows. to me that feels like I'm using a tablet.

    I'm a mouse user and loved windows 8, after using it for several months now, going onto windows 7 on my laptop seems a bit dull and boring - Windows 7 feels like i'm using XP all over again =). I mostly have no problem with using the mouse on the touch screen interface, only problem i found was accessing the chime menu can be difficult when Synergy is on - but that Synergy not a problem with windows.
    My friends keep telling me about how Windows 8 isn't design for game... a stupid reason i know, "There's no start menu" - is also a very common reason as well but new start screen in my opinion is way better, and how often do u go to the start menu? I usually have what i need open or pin to the task bar.
    Overall I personally feels that for anyone who keep telling others that Windows 8 isn't good/ not design for games/sucks cause of no < insert something random that is on windows 7> to try Windows 8 for at least a couple of months first, and i don't mean have it install and never boot into it.

      Sounds like your friends are just looking for excuses not to upgrade. Windows 8 is better for gaming than 7 was, because of all the OS-level efficiency improvements. A more lightweight core means more memory, CPU and GPU resources freed for games to take advantage of.

    Pffffft - $5 later and get Start8. Makes Win8 feel like Win7, but with better native support for lots of stuff and a HEAPS better task manager.

    You'll never have to see the new "Start" again.

    Just downgraded to windows 7 myself - I tried win 8 but could see no productivity advantage for me. With a dual monitor desktop setup [no touchscreen] it was no more efficient. Apart from being a bit unfinished my main annoyance was being pulled between these two environments.

    Doesn't Windows 8 Pro allow for free downgrading too 7? If so considering 8 Pro costs $40 until the end of the month.....Well can't cure stupid :P

    I've been using 8 on a Yoga 13 for a few weeks now and really like it but I agree in terms of general UI ease of use etc without touch or some form of gesture interface if I had 8 on my desktop I'd turn all the Metro stuff off. But from what I understand that isn't particularly hard and then your left with an OS that has a lower overhead and boots a lot faster (seriously my Yoga gets to the login screen within about 2 seconds of hitting the power button from cold boot!).

    Just got the 8 Pro upgrade for my desktop while it's still cheap, don't plan on using it immediately but I want a copy available for when my Leap Motion arrives ^_^

    I have found 8 a very odd OS (ignoring RT), it's optimised for a market that didn't really exist before it's launch, touch screen laptops/convertibles and desktops with some form of gesture interface. The first two vaguely existed before 8 but not in a mass market way the last one isn't quite out yet really but there's some major products due this year with a lot of promise. I do get the feeling 8 will be more accepted once those tech's have filtered through to mainstream but it's a little bit of a chick or egg situation

    i would have downgraded at least 20 of my friends pc's to xp from vista, nothing new. i'll be waiting to see where 9 goes, before i decide on ubuntu :)

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