Soak Up The Sun And Songs With Etón's Solar Rugged Rukus

Etón's upgraded its Rukus solar-powered portable Bluetooth speaker with a fancy new Tonka-tough, splash-proof outer housing letting you take it camping — or anywhere outside the safety of your home — without having to baby it. And as long as the sun's shining, the Rugged Rukus may never run out of power.

Like any Bluetooth wireless speaker it will happily pair up with any device that supports streaming, and music is delivered through a pair of full-range speakers that presumably sound great, though probably lack in the bass department. But that's a minor trade-off given the Rugged Rukus includes a 20-inch solar panel that promises continuous playback with a five hour daily sunbath. Its rechargeable battery can also be used to top off your other devices through an included powered USB port, which makes this $US100 (available in the coming months) multifunction speaker an awesome accessory for your outdoor adventures. [Eton Corporation]

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