Shit Australians Say

Australia Day is coming up, which means it's time to start buying your silly hats, sunscreen, alcohol and sausages. Before you do, make sure you know what you sound like on the big day to avoid common mistakes.

I'm particularly guilty of the whole "f**k it I'm not working tomorrow," schtick.

Make sure you check out our Summermodo section for all the best tips, tricks and gadgets to make your Invasion Day 2013 a memorable one. [YouTube]


    I helped build this site for last Australia day.
    Meaning of Mate:

    "this is the song I voted for" ... "I never listen to triple J"
    Explains the hottest 100

      This is the first year in a few years I haven't voted, specifically because I've barely heard 10 songs in the list, let alone enough to narrow it to my 10 best.

    The hottest 100 is a wast of time.

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      I agree, for the most part. From my point of view it is a waste of time for me, because i've never heard of 99% of the bands/songs, every year. and I only care when The Living End are in it for voting.

      But I understand why Triple J do it, since they were the radio station that gave underground artists that chance, and it is about the hottest 100 tracks to emerge in the last year from semi unknown acts mostly.

        Virus you worded your response tactfully enough to respect it. But people seem to think that all the music on JJJ is completely underground and stuff you've never heard. In reality, the commercial stations tack onto most of the fads of indie bands, they are just 3-6 months behind. For example, this year the top 2 songs of the Hottest 100 are going to be Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Little Secrets by Of Monsters And Men, both of which have been getting completely smashed on Channel V/Nova/MTV etc. but were popular on the J's long before the commercial stations picked them up. Hell, just look at previous years top 10's and any semi-regular radio listener will at least know half of them:

        I'd really implore people to have a good listen on Saturday, the whole idea of "indie music" really scares a lot of people off, but it can be a really welcome relief from Call Me Maybe and whatever David Guetta has decided to overproduce.

          Oh I know that they don't just play the underground stuff. I wouldn't call Triple J completely underground since they're a big promoter of even some of the larger known acts as well that tour here.

          But to me it's 99% unknown. Like when I went to Big Day Out last year which is a Triple J sponsored event I had heard of about half a dozen or so acts that were on the main stage.

          Some peoples definitions of a lot of things are pretty skewed though. But each to their own I say.

          Thanks for not being like some of the people around here and ripping into me for expressing my opinion.


          The number of times I've been in the car with mates who listen to Nova or the like, and they play a song that's been on JJJ for months, then back announce it as a "new release"

          A.K.A. The "Powderfinger" Phenomenon.

    That white persons an idiot.

      Dont be racist.

        Are you being serious or what?

          "That white person"

          why do you need to point out their skin colour?

          Maybe you should stop identifying people based on something they were born with?

            Did you watch the video? I was just saying "No, white people aren't stupid, just you". And how could being born an Aboriginal change your taste in radio stations? It's a stupid video, yeah, it was a stupid comment, but the video really didn't deserve any more than that.

            I hope you never call a person man or woman then.

    Invasion day? Give it a rest. I've never protested in my life, but I'll be out protesting if they ever try to move Australia day.

      Why? For most people Australia Day is just a nice day to listen to the hottest 100 and get pissed. What difference does it make which day it's on?

        It celebrates the First Landing, in the same way July 4th is the day of independence in the US. It's part of our history. That's why it matters what day we celebrate it.

          a comparable day in the US would be Columbus day...not Independence day. and you should know the american indians have been advocating for the abolishment of Columbus day for years.

            It's true. I saw that episode of the Sopranos last night.

      I happen to enjoy celebrating invasion day. It makes me feel quite good when other people choke on their drink when you say it.

    This whole clip smacks of a setup. The same group of people saying the same thing!

      Yeah, it would be interesting to know what the point of it is.

      Are you serious? You really can't pick a parody?

      Wow you are sharp. Guess you didn't see the link to the bloopers at the end :D

    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie... Oi , Oi, Oi
    There - someone has said it.

    Shit actors.

    Otherwise this could have had potential.

    Lol turn on the captions

    Its either the acting or Australian stereotype. Either way, i don't like. I think its embarrassing more than anything else.

      I've never felt so ashamed to be Australian as I do now after watching that appalling display of pathetic and immature idiots representing the Australian way of life. I'm moving to Ireland!

    This is really crap video work. Some of those shots are so overexposed they should never have been used.

    If the guy who filmed this is reading this, check out your exposure levels next time, it'll allow you to get some great shots, and not waste time getting great content that doesn't look good.

      If you are being so picky rowan then lets examine 'filming' on a 'video' camera. Last time I checked there's no 8, 16 or 35mm SONY video camera's.

        Sorry guys, didn't mean to sound inflammatory, was just trying to point out something obvious, that really should be fixed if you want to keep getting video of stuff.

        It doesn't matter what kind of camera you're using, overexposed is still an elementary mistake that's very avoidable.

    Tech site. Tech Site. Tech Site. OI OI OI..

      That proves something most have known for a very long time, West Australians are more racist.

    Should be, "what a bunch of lesbians say on Australia day". Because there was no where near enough swearing. No C-Bomb? I call bullshit.

    Last edited 22/01/13 9:31 pm

    eh, bloke.
    'nuff said

      on second thought, who the hell throws a shrimp on the barbie.
      Garlic prawns and some snags yeah, but I cant remember any one ever saying throw a shrimp on the barbie unless it was on an American sitcom. In the words of Alf Stewart;
      "Flammin' mongrels"

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