Science Proves Whether The Chicken Or The Egg Came First

It's really embarrassing how many sleepless nights I've had due to my brain synapsing and wondering whether the chicken or the egg came first. I flip, I flop, I twist, I turn — it's definitely a good brain exercise. But after watching ASAP Science definitively answer the question of which came first — the chicken or the egg — I can now sleep in peace.

Spoiler: it has something to do with dogs and wolves. Real spoiler: it's the egg. Disagree? Watch the video. [ASAP Science]


    who the f looses sleep over this shit?

      People who like to scratch their heads over complicated questions?

      @davis, in my haste to read your response I read that as who "flosses sheep" over this shit...

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    I think the more important "which came first" question should be regarding MinutePhysics and ASAP Science (who copied whom?)

    This video doesn't really answer the question of who came first. It introduces a dummy variable called 'proto-chicken' and concludes that the egg came first. But the scientific Einsteins who made this video now created a new question- which came first - the proto chicken or the proto chicken egg?
    This video was a waste of time

      If you know so much about the subject why dont you create a video about it and post on the internet.

      The basis of the video relies on the understanding of evolution and mutation.

      Rewatch the part about if an elephant lays an egg and a lion hatches, is it a lion egg or a elephant egg. How you define this variable is your answer.

    I heard an acceptable answer to this question many years ago... it wasn't the chicken OR the egg that came first, it was the Rooster! Badoom-TISH!

    Ah science, still delivering undeniable proof that your theories are.... still very much theories.

    The real question is "What came first, the herbs or the spices?" how on earth does KFC make those damn things taste so good?

    In fact screw the chicken, just sell me a bucket of that oh so delicious skin!

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