RIM Has An Anti-Creepshot Patent For Suits

Innovation is alive and well at RIM, especially in the anti-creepshot vector. A new patent, issued to the company yesterday by the USPTO, would cut down on "inconspicuous" camera shots like the ones taken by corporate espionage enthusiasts and total pervs.

The patent would let you (or, more likely, your IT department) set a predetermined amount of time that your camera must be still and focused before it can snap a pic. That would presumably make it more difficult to take surreptitious board room — or bathroom — photos. As with all patents, it could be a while before we actually see this technology incorporated into BlackBerry devices, if ever. And cutting down on clandestine camera usage obviously won't propel the beleaguered company back to its former glory.

But progress is progress, and anything that makes it harder to take weirdo upskirts should be celebrated. [USPTO via Engadget]

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