Qantas Cancels An Order For A Jetstar Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Aviation authorities all over the world are cracking the whip at Boeing right now, ordering the grounding of its new, "super-futuristic" plane — the 787 "Dreamliner" — due to an issue with the lithium batteries that can cause fire. Qantas had 15 of the planes on order, until today.

Instead of ordering 15 of the planes, Qantas and Jetstar will now only take delivery of 14. Strangely, this has nothing to do with the technical issues that are grounding the planes all over the world.

In fact, the only mention of the technical issues is buried at the bottom of the press release in the 14th paragraph:

In an important milestone for the Jetstar B787 program, production of its first aircraft has just begun. With delivery of the aircraft not due until mid-2013, the airline is confident current technical issues will be resolved by Boeing.

Qantas still has an option to order 50 more of the 787 aircraft if it likes the now-14 aircraft it gets from mid-2013.

Meanwhile, the first commercial flight of a 787 Dreamliner has been cancelled by Qatar Airways, which had planned to fly one of the aircraft between Perth and Doha, Qatar on 1 February.



    I am pretty sure you mean the first commercial flight of a 787 in Australia!

    except really they just altered their initial delivery/order...

    Last edited 18/01/13 10:16 am

      Exactly; the title is pretty misleading.

        alot of giz headlines are going this way too, getting pretty annoying.

          A lot of headlines are going this way period.

            When you look at the amount of advertising on the Giz pages, its not surprising they troll for click-throughs...

    They canceled 1 out of 15 planes and not because of the issues mentioned by this article. Please do a background check of facts before you post articles. This article hardly deserves this headline. Come on Giz editors... Seriously!

      I have to agree. Starting to reconsider whether I will allow Giz to keep clickbaiting me like this.

    Err the 787 has been flying commercially for nearly a year now. Qatar isn't the first one to get a 787.

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