Polk Woodbourne: Wireless Music Powerhouse Rocks AirPlay And Bluetooth

Polk Audio's Woodbourne could be the new king of the high-end wireless audio mountain. It sports beefy specs and the flexibility of both AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Polk Woodbourne is a tabletop sound system with a 180-watts driving two one-inch tweeters and a pair of 5.25-inch mid-range rivers. Beyond the wireless audio streaming, Woodbourne supports USB audio in and charging for iOS devices, a 3.5mm Aux input, and even a digital optical input so that you can easily take the feed from your TV or Blu-ray player. Could it even be a soundbar, you ask? Maybe! It kind of looks a bit like one, but we'll test it out and let you know.

Polk is a legacy audio company so we expect this system to sound very good when it's available mid-year. But as with all quality audio products, cost is always an issue. At $US600, this isn't the wireless speaker for everyone, but with its beautiful design, vast connectivity options, and powerful amplification, it looks sweet enough actually be worth the money.


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