Pebble Smart Watch Finally Ships Today, But Don't Get Too Excited

After a year in production, countless Kickstarter updates and over $US10 million in pre-orders, the Pebble smart watch finally starts shipping today. Don't rejoice just yet, however. You'll still be waiting for your Pebble a little longer.

CEO and inventor of Pebble, Eric Migicovsky, got up at CES for his first ever press conference and told the world that January 23 would be the day that Pebble would finally meet the world. Pebbles would begin shipping out in the order that Kickstarter members backed the device, with tracking numbers finally starting to appear in people's inboxes all over the world from today.

Images: Adam Hallett

The bad news, however, is that despite the mass production, the 12-month headstart, countless delays and $US10 million in Kickstarter funding, the process to get Pebble into the hands of eager gadget fiends will be a slow one.

Colours are being manufactured one at a time with the most popular -- like Black -- being built first so those with less popular colours will likely wait longer. 800-1000 Pebbles are now being made per day, which is less than half of the facility's full production capability of 2400 per day (which it's trying to hit). Once completed, devices are being shipped from the manufacturer in Hong Kong to the US distribution centre once to twice per week and there's a lag time of about a week between a Pebble being finished and it ending up in the distribution centre ready to ship. As a result, there are currently less than 500 Pebbles ready to ship to backers:

We weren't able to get as many units to our fulfillment centre as we expected (held up by documentation at the airport). Less than 500 units are going out today, with more expected to ship soon. We accidentally more Address Confirmations emails than available Pebbles. So some people who received address confirmation emails will not get a tracking number for a few days until their Pebble ships out.

To keep the whole process transparent, Pebble has made a little tracking counter for itself at

Maybe one day we'll get our Pebbles.



    For those that don't know (Id never heard of it):

    "The Pebble E-Paper Watch is an upcoming smartwatch developed by Pebble Technology that was funded by raising money via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter"

    I feel bad for those guys. Just a small team with an awesome idea that got flooded with money, attention and worst of all, expectations. I wanted to back this so bad but given how fast the pledge was rising I thought there was no way they'd be able to make their shipping target. I"ll wait till the poor guys can finally sell at retail XD

      The Pebble seems to be the target of a lot of criticism lately, and I don't understand why. It still seems like a great success story to me. They came up with a great device; an actually decent looking version of a product nobody has been able to pull off successfully before, and then got funding, and became incredibly popular in the process. Sure, there are delays, but that's pretty much par for the course with new technology launches, especially when you're a start-up company. They'll get through the slow launch and hopefully enjoy some commercial success. As long as they can keep innovating once decent competition comes along, and use their initial success to keep growing, they'll be fine.

        Agreed. They were overly-optimistic on their shipping date - like every amateur group in the history of the world, ever - but they have actually managed to bring a good product to market.

        It's a tremendous achievement, and I admire and respect them for it.

        I placed my order after they showed the finished product. I'm prepared to wait for them to work through their backlog of orders.

    I'm getting one. I haven't worn a watch for years and probably wouldn't have if I hadn't decided to try the Pebble.

    as a nerd I feel ashamed that this is the first I have heard of this


    The main reason this doesn't irritate me at all? Despite the negative situation? They're not sugarcoating it. They're letting people know that the shipment numbers ARE low, the production numbers ARE low, that it will pick up in future. Being transparent is the best option and they're taking it. Fact is, in customer service, a bad situation can be kept from escalating by giving good customer service to the customer and potential future customers. Thats what they seem to be doing.

    And the APP is now live !

    Only for those who:
    1 - Know what Pebble is
    2 - Pre-Purchased one via Kickstarter...
    3 - oh, and it will only be useful when said watch finally arrives !

    Nevertheless, I have downloaded and installed the APP on my iPhone awaiting the 'eventual' arrival...



    maaan, if only this had Windows Phone support. Would have bought it in a second.

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