Panasonic's Emergency Torch Accepts Whatever Batteries You Have

After the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last year, local companies have been working hard to create products that will be useful in an emergency. Panasonic has created a brilliant LED torch that will run on almost any battery you've got on hand.

AAA, AA, C or D-sized batteries can all be accommodated at the same time, and while the torch's LED bulb won't be blinding when relying on a single AAA, it will still provide ample light to get around.

To keep the Any Battery Light cheap -- just $US24 when it goes on sale in January -- the torch lacks the requisite hardware to use the different-sized batteries all at the same time. Instead, a rotating power switch lets you choose which battery you want to use. But with every battery slot filled, Panasonic claims the torch will run for up to 86 hours straight, making it a must-have for any emergency kit. [Panasonic Japan via Japan Today]



    Thats a bloody good idea... but Im good with my solar powered one, lets me see everything I need to during the day :D

    What if I have nothing but a car battery? ;)

      Just short a spanner across the terminals, I guarantee it will give you plenty of light ;-)

        Haha I'm sure.

    Depending on the globe thats fitted, presumably it will be a LED or two. Then you should get the same amount of light regardless of the battery size, since they are all the same voltage. Thats providing the battery can provide enough current to power the LED without its voltage sagging.

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