Panasonic 4K Tablet Hands-On: Tiny Details Make Windows 8 Laggy

The pixels on Panasonic's new 20-inch 4K tablet are so itty bitty that I couldn't even see them when I pressed my eye almost to the tablet's touchscreen. The viewing angles for the tablet were excellent, but they're going to have to up the power of this baby's guts if you really want to take advantage of its potential.

The 15:10 tablet in Panny's both at CES is relatively stacked: Windows 8 Pro on an 1.8GHz Intel Core5 processor with NVIDIA GeForce Graphics, 4GB of memory and an 128GB SSD. Even with those powerful specs, the high-detail applications Panasonic envisions for these tablets don't move as fast as you would expect.

Swiping and dragging can be very slow on large documents, but the insane detail of the screen and the precision of the touch-sensitivity are impressive. Using a Panasonic stylus, you can draw very fine lines and make very precise edits in Photoshop.

But as those applications indicate, this tablet is really intended for business and professional use. Most people probably don't need resolution that high on such a small screen. Still, with some beefed-up speed, this thing would be a beast.



    If the screen is laggy, it would be no good for professionals either. You can be drawing thing and having them appear on the screen after the fact, it needs to be quick enough to be un-noticeable.

    "Most people probably don’t need resolution that high on such a small screen." Huh? Its like saying no consumer wants a retina display.

    one day we'll be telling our grand kids how you use to be able to see the individual pixels on screens and they'll be like shut up you old wanker.

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    It's probably laggy due to the size of the image file. Unless they are using SVG the file is probably huge to maintain the detail necessary for the high resolution. Had some similar images to the one above from a mining client and the file size was massive which is fine if you have the processing grunt and the memory to support it which is unlikely the case in any tablet. 4Gb is not enough.

    It's interesting that the Title of the article is "Makes Windows 8 Laggy". Surely any tester of gizmos should report fact not BS. If Windows is laggy it is because the drivers and other hardware is slow. A 1.85 Ghz i5 isn't the fastest chip on the planet and 4GB of memory isn't much chop these days as well (I know some architects and they use anywhere between 16 and 32 GB now). now add in a sub standard graphics card for the job (there aren't many that can even output these high resolutions already) and of course it's going to lag. The only thing Highend on this tablet is the screen.

    The title could have just as easily read: "Apple 4K Tablet Hands-On: Tiny Details Make iOS Laggy" or "Samsung Galaxy briefcase 4K Tablet Hands-On: Tiny Details Make iOS Laggy".

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