Nexus 4 Coming To Harvey Norman

Forget expensive online mark-ups on the Nexus 4. Soon you'll be able to pay high prices in store as Harvey Norman gears up to flog the unicorn that is the Google Nexus 4.

You'll be able to nab yourself a 16GB Nexus 4 for the paltry sum of $496 from 1 February. That makes it just shy of $100 more expensive than the same device is going for on the Google Play store at $399. It's not the worst mark-up we've seen, but it's close.

Like we've said previously: if you simply must have a Nexus 4, you'll be paying a mark-up. This one isn't terrible, though, and at least you'll have it in your hands quicker than you would if you bought it online. [Ausdroid]


    I'm not surprised theres a markup, i'm surprised it's $100 though. Looking forward to playing with one in store though, hopefully.

    OMG! i might just get at least maybe 40% of the excitement i had for this phone 4 months ago....

    Given you can now buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 online for that exact price if you look around, the question must be asked...


      Galaxy s3 ain't all that. personally I hate it. It's also quite dated these days.

        I wouldn't say it's dated as it still has flagship specs. It's been in the market for a while though, if that's what you meant? Have to say I'm not a fan of the GS3 design. If their marketing collateral is to be believed, I must not be human.

        I still think a lot of people will pay for the Nexus 4 at that price. It'll encourage that kind of activity for sure... let's hope one of HN's competitors (I'm looking at you JB HiFi) have a similar idea.

        Please feel free to put the crack pipe down at any time.

      i work for a telco and have plenty of friends who have bought Samsung devices and I have doubts about their build quality.

        As an actual owner and previous iphone owner. I dont.

          you're right, a sample size of one totally debunks my opinion.

            You're right too, an internet claim surely must be fact especially when backed up with 'I have plenty of friends'. I too have plenty of friends, they fought in the clone wars, against Darth Vader etc, must be fact right, it's the internet!

    I for one wouldn't be too worried about paying an extra $100 for it if it means I can buy it from a brick and mortar store that I can easily take it back to if there were any issues. As for the half-baked ill informed comments about the S3, you're dreaming. The S3 is still one of the most popular and most relevant phones on the market.

    To sell in store, they would need a fair few in a each store. So how did they get so many when there is a huge shortage?

    Ill stick to my iphone 4s which I get for free from work. Only chumps actually pay for their phones. And their respective data and phone calls lol.

      You sir are a halfwit. You are the chump you dick.

        How so?

          It's true - the comment doesn't make him a chump, nor a halfwit. Wanker, yes. Chump or halfwit, no.

            I can live with that, you got to take it as good as you can give it.

            Jealousy can make people do funny things.

    Considering that if you buy a 16GB Nexus 4 you will be charged a $20 delivery fee, the actual out of pocket increase on the price will be $77. Im assuming that if you have an issue with the phone you will be able to take it into the store for refund/replacement/repair so if you think about it, it isnt the worst deal in the world.

      Depends on what the warranty is. It may be a return to vendor or a specific repairer. Requiring you to send it in etc.

        In Australia you can take any product back to where you bought it from to have the warranty for filled.

          Thats not always true for every retailer.

          Last edited 23/01/13 8:32 pm

            It is true just some people try to fob you off.

        I can confirm that if the phone is broken in any way you can take it back to the store for a swap or your money back. HN are pretty good like that....Allphones on the other hand are the worst Phone retailer on the planet. They would send your phone away, even if it was snapped in half while still sealed in the box for an assessment and muck you around for weeks if you wanted your money back.

      Plus, if you buy it through a business, the HN price includes 10% GST which you get back. The online price is GST free. So the GST free price of the HN phone is $450, and the online price incuding delivery is $420.

        Online price includes GST. I requested a tax invoice for mine. GST component was $33.54 I believe.

    I have marked in my calendar to purchase the nexus 4 from google play store around Christmas this year to avoid rush.

    Will they be stocking any wireless charging pads?
    I need to test the new coil in my GS3 before I fork out of the charger.

    Gizmodo should have mentioned in this arrival that the nexus 4 will be back in stock in the Google play star mid Feb, it is old news. So if you don't want to pay the price just wait 2 weeks. As for the he Gs3 I have had WO the gsm version and now the 4g version, this phone is OK but very boring looking.

    Kogan are selling it for more than that markup! I certainly couldn't recommend Kogan however for their slowness in responding to issues with something as important as a mobile phone and also for their shifty practices in selling refurbished phones as new. Shame on YOU Kogan.

    These phones come from BrightPoint, Optus will not absorb charges for these phones, as it does not have a Optus processed IMEI Number, they cant be processed on plans.. (the IMEI will be denied on every plan bar a BYO phone plan) Though you will be able to buy it outright

      Bright point is not distributing the nexus 4 in Australia. HN would have had to source these direct from LG I suspect.

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I have a feeling the Nexus 4 could be coming back to the play store soon. I just noticed that the 8gb and the 16GB changed from being "OUT OF STOCK" in Bright red lettering to “Temporarily Out of Stock” in white lettering. Its not a big hint but after months of checking the store everyday it definitely means something.

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