New Lego Palace Cinema Is Gizmodo's Desired Lego Set Of The Month

Watch Astrid — Lego designer by day, awesome dancer and fencer by night — show and explain the newest set in the awesome Lego Creator Modular Building series: the 10232 Palace Cinema. Why? Because it's our desired Lego set of the month, she's one of its authors and she has an awesome Danish accent.

The set, clearly inspired in the Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the old Hollywood, is beautiful and full of details, like the clever roof tiles. One of my favourite things about this set is something really simple: the minifigs have the iconic smiley faces, not the ones with different expressions (which I personally hate). That and the great design.

You still can't buy it, but keep refreshing here or in Amazon.

The set next to some other buildings in the series.

The Palace Cinema alone.

A detail of the entry hall.

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