MyScript Calculator: Somehow Calculators Just Got Even More Convenient

Already on Android for the past few months, this conceptually simple calculator app is finally finally available to iOS users. What may seem basic in theory becomes extraordinary in MyScript's execution, leaving you with a buttonless calculator you'd never think to want but can't imagine living without.

What does it do?

Though a minor annoyance, using a calculator for anything more than basic arithmetic almost invariably ends in a frustrated hunt for those rarely used symbols. MyScript lets you drop the witch hunt and jot down entire equations with your finger, a way that's undoubtedly quicker and feels far more natural. Handwriting recognition apps don't necessarily have the best track record, but even with demonstrably terrible handwriting, this one was able to pick up every stroke without a problem.

Why do we like it?

While this certainly isn't just for students, it's nice to know that the app supports a wide enough range of functions to be useful for virtually any grade level. MyScript is just as effective at handling basic arithmetic as it with percentages, root, negative numbers and exponents. You can even effortlessly work with trigonometry, logarithms and constants, should the mood strike you. The app does have its limits: no graphing function. But for the casual mathematician, this is more than enough to get by.

MyScript Calculator

Download this app for: iOS (free), Android (free) The best part: handwritten equations The worst part: no graphing function



    The app wants full network/internet access. Why would a calculator need that?

      I just tried it but the hand writing recognition on my phone is fairly poor so I've uninstalled it.

        Thats unlucky, works perfectly for me, no matter how messy i make it. What platform are you on?

          I tested on a Sammy S2 with ICS.

      From the Play Store

      "Note about permissions:
      We are asking permission to access Internet connection; this is to provide users the possibility to watch the video tutorial."

    Wasn't this Seldon's, sorry Leonard's idea?

    Sounds to good to be true

      You're right - better not install it and try it out for yourself.

        I did and I take back my comment. It really is awesome!

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