New iPad Apps: MoMA Art Lab, Yoga Studio And More

Burgeoning artist? Aspiring yogi? Doesn't matter what you want to be this month, we've got some apps for you in this addition of the best apps of the week.

MoMA Art Lab: Here's an app from New York City's Museum of Modern art that tricks your kids into working the name Matisse into their vocabulary at a young age. They can learn all about contemporary artists and draw just like them with the help of prompts and line and shape guides. Who knows. You might have a little impressionist in the making. $2.99

Yoga Studio: Just because you're not in a dojo or whatever the technical name of a yoga studio is, doesn't mean you can't practice your downward dog. This app has 30 ready-made yoga classes for you to take in the comfort of your own home. And no one will judge your eagle pose. $2.99

WeatherCube: Less is more, or at least that's the maxim WeatherCube ascribes to. The minimalist forecaster is a gesture-based app that gives you the forecast weekly, hourly, or daily in a format that's easy on the eyes. $0.99

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