Meta-Origami Is Making An X-Wing Out Of Pages From A Star Wars Novel

My interest in folding paper never went beyond paper aeroplanes, but I might just take it up again if I could wow my friends by pitting their crappy attempts against a gorgeous Star Wars-themed specimen like this one. It gets extra kudos for being made from an actual Star Wars novel.

The book in question is called "The Star Wars Trilogy", according to creator "wetcanvas" over on DeviantArt. I'm guessing this means the novelisation of the original three movies, but bonus points to anyone who can make out what's written on the paper fighter and provide definitive identification.

There's crazy attention-to-detail — notice how the paper used for the cockpit trimmings has been cut so that a line of text is centered and visible, not to mention the ends of the laser cannons and the detail on the engines. It's fairly robust for a paper creation, thanks to wires that attach it in five places to the book.

So, as long as it doesn't crash land into any swamps, it should last a while.

Now that I think about it, it'd probably suck in a paper plane competition... though I doubt anyone would care.

[DeviantArt, via Neatorama]

Image: wetcanvas

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