Man Shot Dead After GPS Error Leads Him To Wrong House

When Rodrigo Diaz set out to pick up his friends and go ice skating, he was in high spirits. But when his GPS navigation system took him and some friends to the wrong house, he was assumed to be an intruder -- and shot dead.

Friends of Diaz claim that the then 69-year-old Phillip Sailors saw the car arrive at his house in Lilburn, Georgia, through a window. Moments later, Sailors appeared in his driveway, firing a gun into the air. As Diaz attempted to drive away, Sailors fired a shot which fatally wounded him.

Since, Sailors has been charged with murder with malice. His lawyer, Michael Puglise, explains:

"He is very distraught over the loss of life from the defence of his home. This incident happened late in the evening hours when he was home with his wife and he assumed it was a home invasion and he maintains his innocence."

Currently, it is Diaz's friends who claim the GPS system provided incorrect directions. It remains to be seen whether that's the case, or whether it had been incorrectly programmed. If it's the fault of the GPS system though, it could be the biggest navigation blunder yet.

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution via CNET]



    As Diaz attempted to drive away, Sailors fired a shot which fatally wounded him.

    Self defence man. Self defence.

      Why didn't the guy call the police? I guess being scared shitless means you shoot first :-(

        Why would he need to? It sounds to me like the guy never got out of his car. I don't know the social dynamics of other countries. But I do know I can walk up to the front door of any unsealed property and knock with the expectation of "oh sorry mate, wrong place".

        And firing on a fleeing vehicle? There's no defence in that.

    Shot (in self defense) as he was driving away from the house... yet another perfect example of why all guns should be banned. You want to be able to protect yourself, get a stun gun.

      Because there is no way that using a stun gun will prove lethal as well right? Get real. There is no such thing as a non-lethal weapon. There are only less-lethal weapons. A scared, confused, old man would probably have killed the guy even if he was using a stun gun. It'd just have been longer and more painful for him.

        Do you seriously think that the fatality rate of a stun gun makes it not worth using as a self-defense weapon? Sure it's possible to kill someone with it, but the odds of that happen have been statistically proven to really not matter at all when compared to the fatality rate of a handgun.

          I would recommend you come to Australia - i don't have a weapon, and i don't need one. I feel safe.

          Given that Australians are more advanced then Americans (i.e. not barbarians), we don't really feel the need to go killing our fellow man.

          Perhaps America should be more like Australia?

            Port Arthur still holds the record of being the largest massacre of its type IIRC. With V-Tech coming in second.

            I wouldn't be so quick to talk us up either. Sure, we have less gun violence, but we still have a wide range of social and economic problems to deal with.

            Hell, given the cuddling that goes on around here now, it'll soon be hard to be immediately more manly than every other nationality at the hostel.

              I am not quite sure what you mean with IIRC; as far as shootings go Anders Brevik in Norway comes to mind, with 77 ppl dead the number is much higher than Port Arthur.
              Additionally, after the Port Arthur shooting John Howard did probably the only good thing in his time as prime minister, severely tighten gun laws.

              Other than that, I find Australia quite save, full of red necks but quite save ;)

                IIRC = If I recall/remember correctly

                I completely forgot about Norway, my bad. Probably because I'm not reminded of it every sixty seconds as I am anything that happens in The US.

              Port Arthur was BEFORE we introduced a complete ban on all semi- and fully-automatic rifles, after which we have had no similar incident. Sure we have had gun killings, but nothing even remotely close to that scale. The point is wsdk_ii was making is that as a society we don't feel the need to protect ourselves from guns with guns - because we simply have no need to. To remove the guns is to remove the requirement for guns.

                I'm not saying gun control is the PERFECT solution to the problem, it impacts plenty of people who just shoot at ranges or hunt for a hobby, but it is A solution and that's what gun control is about.

                I understood his intentions. But he expressed them in a manor that exceeds national pride and dives face first into a wall of arrogance. Australia is a good country sure. But we aren't so good we can call all Americans barbarians.

    i just finished reading a article about a 15 year old girl getting killed by gunshot in america recently. what the fuck is going on in that country?!

      They need guns for their protection. What they fail to realise is, guns don't aim themselves.

      Without Googling, because I'm lazy, I'm going to bet there's an unpretty statistic for people shooting family (mostly children) while trying to protect themselves (and their families) from home intruders

      Nearly a thousand people lost their lives a mere month on from the Newtown massacre in incidents involving guns. They have a problem.

    Murder? Hell yes! Idiots should not have guns, and this proves it.

    America - Fu*k yea.

    Were jailbreaking your phone is bad, but guns are good.

      Spot on. We're witnessing the suicide of an empire. Interesting times.

      This is exactly the reason people shouldn't have guns. Irrational thoughts can justify anything at the time. This man was probably terrified, and wasn't giving any thoughts to his actions. Had he not had a gun, he would've called the police and remained vigilant. Instead, two families have just had their lives changed forever.

        An interesting comment...
        As we move deeper into the 'Asian century', it seems ridiculous to suggest that the US is bending over to help it along, but the mindset of governments and social evolution is pushing all the buttons to make this happen faster.

        We decry the restriction of civil liberties in 3rd world countries as evil, yet the same thing is happening from the inside out in the first world. A continuous cycle of pseudo democracy - capitalism - socialism - communism - anarchy - and back round to democracy... the phases bumping through roughly every 30-40 years.

        At least for the next two cycles - this is irreversible due to momentum, but if we stop it - be prepared for the alternative.

          All very good objective points

          History is written by whoever you believe

          Agree 100% that America is heading to a beeline and very quickly, viewpoints are so dicisive and split that its doubtful that any leader or party will bring together those differences

          It's a fact that 57% of Republicans and 41 percent of Democrats, in America believe in Creationism and that the earth is barely much more than 6000 yrs old as the Old Testament states

    While I get the feeling ill be proven wrong, there is not a self defence, castle or stand your ground law in the US that protects this

    Except in Texas... Fenceline defence there encompasses shoot first laws.

    America the Brave has long since become America the Paranoid

      The fatal shot was while he was driving away. Bit of a stretch.

        If he was still in the driveway, reversing/driving away then Texas protects him, hence their term fenceline defence

    I think it's safe to say that video games are to blame for this, surely Sailors was a GTA nut and couldnt wait for the new GTA to be released.
    Good ol' America!!

    What can I say....LOL Americans.

    Apple Maps Fail!?


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