LG Wants To Make The Smart Home Happen For Real This Time

Smart home integration has been something of a pipe-dream for years now. LG wants to make the dream a reality, without dropping you into a nightmare.

LG is pushing for the world Stephen Conroy dreams of: internet connected appliances. You want a connected dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and a fridge complete with your Google Calendar? You got it.

LG is bringing out 100 different appliances this year and all will feature some sort of smart connectivity.

See a list of what's in your fridge while you're at the supermarket, live stream footage from your floor via the cameras on your robot vacuum or just tell your washing machine to get started without you.

All of this is controlled via your smartphone and its often overlooked NFC chip. Download an app for your Optimus G, for example, and scroll through a few different washing machine cycles. When you find a cycle you want, select it, tap your washing machine and the device gets the job done.

Also, the concept of an internet-connected fridge ain't dead yet. LG is giving its smart line of fridges a version of Android so that it can run apps from your Google Calendar, right through to a Food Monitor app that knows what's in your fridge to make shopping easier.

From there you can log into any of your smart appliances when you're not home to check on them.

Also from LG's press conference:

• LG is shipping its OLED TV in early January. It's as thin as a pencil and it'll cost you $US12,000. It goes on sale in the US in March, no word yet on Australian pricing or release date.

• The LG remote for TVs is now like a Wiimote: you can draw a channel number or even just point and click with a finger. It also builds voice control into the remote so it knows what you're saying from the couch.

• LG is promising a 100-inch screen with the power of laser projection. No word on pricing yet but it goes on sale in Korea this month and then in the US in March. Expect it to be more expensive than your car.

• Expect a whole bunch of new, hero LG handsets at Mobile World Congress next month.

• LG's new TVs come with an interesting version of porn-mode. It's called "Private Sound Mode", and it streams sound to your smartphone so only you can hear the Blu-ray 3D porn...erm...movie you're watching.



    When is Smart actually going to mean more than "Has useless apps built in"?

    Surely a "Smart" washing machine is going to detect how greasy my work gear is and adjust water, detergent, temperature etc accordingly.

      Indeed - i am sick of this yuppy Apple-like vision of Apps, Apps, Apps - What about real innovation?

      It is like the dot com crash where everyone was building a website without thinking about what it would be used for.

    The only way smart homes are going to become mainstream is when the figure out a way to make the smart devices competitively priced with normal products. Price has been the primary roadblock every time a smart appliance has failed. No one wants to buy a $13,000 refrigerator because it's 'smart'.

      As well as this all the manufacturers are so rabid about market share that they create proprietary standards which are incompatible with anything else. Nobody on God's green earth is going to stock their entire home with whitegoods and electronics by one single company.

    Was it LG that had the Internet fridge a few years ago? Now that took off, why the whole marketing department at LG didn't nip that one in the bud is beyond me.

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