LG Optimus G Coming In March, Exclusive To Telstra

All the details have been ironed out for LG's new "superphone", the Optimus G, to enter the local market. It's going to be Telstra exclusive and you'll have to wait until March to get your hands on it. Does this sound like madness to anyone else?

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The Optimus G will be launched exclusively on Telstra's 4G network come-March. The two won't announce prices just yet, but expect it to be in the $60-$80 per month price bracket. Whatever the price, I'm just going to come out and say it: the Optimus G won't sell very well in Australia.

It's not because it isn't a good phone. Far from it, in fact: the Optimus G is a great phone. It's the phone Google chose to base the Nexus 4 on. It's running the incredible Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro+ processor, a beautiful screen and a bunch of cool gear like Miracast. Make no mistake: the Optimus G is a top phone. The reason it won't sell very well in Australia is because it's far too late an entrant in the market.

The Optimus G has been out in South Korea, Europe and the US since November 2012. Australians had been told to wait patiently for the device as LG pledged to bring it to market around late January. Instead, it'll now launch in March, after all the incredible announcements from Mobile World Congress. Nobody who knows phones is going to want to commit to this device for two years after they see Mobile World Congress-hotness, and that's a real shame.

Mobile World Congress may even produce the successor to the LG Optimus G, making the phone even more irrelevant here. If we do see the heir to the Optimus G's superphone throne, it's a fair bet we'll have to wait a year for that to come here, too.

The only thing that can save the Optimus G is price. If you grab the attention of consumers looking for a bargain and drop the price to, say, $400 outright or $0 upfront on a $40 plan, you'll sell them like wildfire. I doubt either Telstra or LG are willing to make this sort of a loss for a market LG clearly doesn't care about in the first place.

Despite all this, I'm still excited for the Optimus G.




    Regardless of platform, I hate seeing good phones not sell well.

      Same. It could have been so good. It would have sliced and diced its way through the market if LG cared enough to bring it here in November.

        This seems to be the case for any phone that isn't an iPhone.

        Microsoft had a massive event for Windows Phone 8 for handsets launching....sometime soon?

        Then in Australia, arguably the biggest user of mobile phones per capita in the world, they sit on their hands while customers hanging out for the new Nokias & HTCs lose patience and just buy an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3?

        Some of the decisions these companies make are baffling at the best of times.

        In all fairness though, down here, I'm assuming our shitty telcos are to blame for SOME of the issues that arise.

      March is too late. Sony Z is coming, and the Moto X in May.,,,

    Still waiting for the Nexus 4! Come on LG - If you want to be taken seriously in the phone market - lift your game and ship those units!

      This. If the Nexus 4 ever came back into stock on GPlay for Aus consumers, it would immediately kill the Optimus G via carriers - not because the OG is a bad phone (it's not), it's just the Nexus 4 is essentially the same phone for half the cost and no contract. The carriers will still sell them to those who don't know they could otherwise get it on GPlay (if that ever happens) but, as Luke says, the hype will be all about the new handsets announced at MWC - although, we'll be waiting another year before they reach our shores. Aus - always behind when it comes to new tech.

        Exactly. In fact, I suspect that the reason that the Optimus G phone has taken so long to be bundled here is because the carriers waited to see that LG would sabotage the sale of the N4 on the google play store. That has been seen to be the case now (2.5 months later with no stock on play store other than a handful for a few minutes on launch day Nov 13) so Telstra has paid LG back with this announcement. It also means that there is almost no chance we will see the N4 ever on the Oz play store. I hope Google have learnt their lesson with LG.

    Of course Telstra customers like obsolete things as in April the new Optimus Gs will be released leaving the Optimus G in late March early April to be a thing from the past.
    Telstra: we get you the latest hardware, after everyone else in the world have had a play with it for a few months no less.

      You know that's not such a bad thing. These phones are rushed out so quickly nowadays it takes a few months to iron out the bugs anyway. As much as I care less about telcos, they are probably saving themselves millions in support costs by holding off on releasing certain models straight away.

        Anything the carriers balls-up, the geniuses over at XDA fix. My 2yr+ old HTC HD2 (aka, the god phone) currently running JellyBean 4.1.2 from NAND+NativeSD is sublime. Sure, the hardware is ancient by today's standards but, for an old dog, she sure is good at new tricks! :D

    Too bad, the Optimus G PRO is going to supersede this.....


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