Lego Lens Cap Holder Hack Merges Old Toys With New Toys

How do you keep track of your camera's lens cap when you're shooting? Do you carefully put it back in your camera bag or just cram it into the nearest pocket? Flickr user RawSniper1 does neither thanks to a brilliant lens cap holder hack using nothing but a couple of Lego pieces.

A thin eight-stud piece permanently glued to the front of the lens cap easily attaches and detaches from a modified 16-stud piece tethered to the camera's strap. Given the exacting tolerances of Lego there's little risk of the cap accidentally falling off if bumped, and if you've got a bucket of bricks buried in a closet somewhere, the hack is pretty much already paid for. [Flickr via DIY Photography]

Picture: RawSniper1/Flickr

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