LaCie 5big Lightning Drive Hands-On: Getting Bigger And Better

When it comes to storage, there’s only one rule: you can never have too much. LaCie has recently added the 5big — a massive five bay RAID storage unit with zippy Thunderbolt for your Mac — to its line-up.

The 5big expands on LaCie’s existing range of Thunderbolt supporting storage, including the Little Big Disk with up to 1TB SSD storage and the LaCie Rugged that also has USB3 support for PC.

The 5big comes in 10TB and 20TB configurations, with RAID 0 and 1 capabilities for either speed or safety. Dual Thunderbolt ports allow you to daisy chain up to six other Thunderbolt devices, allowing for even greater storage capacity.

With all that storage, speed is more important than ever. In RAID 0, the 5big can transfer at up to a lightning fast 785MB/s, making it the fastest of the line.

There’s no question that this is being aimed at media professionals, and the price tag reflects this. You’ll be charged $1499 for the 10TB and $2599 for the 20TB, this is not a product for the kids.

Adam Hallett travelled to CES 2013 as a guest of Seagate.

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