Korg MS-20 Mini: 1970s Patchable Synthesiser Resurrected

From 1978 to 1983, Korg produced the MS-20, a two-oscillator analogue synth that was patchable with 6mm cables a lot like a custom modular synth setup. People liked it because of its smooth sound and because the patch panel allowed you a limited degree of customisability without needing to invest in additional units. The MS-20 mini is this classic synth reborn in a tinier package.

According to Korg, the MS-20 mini's guts and sound are identical to the original's despite its smaller size. The 6mm patch plugs have been replaced with 3mm mini plugs to accommodate the smaller size. The new synth has also been reworked for our digital days with USB-MIDI I/O.


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