Knowing The Real-Life Location Of These Tweets Makes Me Feel Dirty

Knowing The Real-Life Location Of These Tweets Makes Me Feel Dirty

Twitter is modern-day people-watching. Anytime you check it, you see what a person is thinking or doing or saying. But it’s not all happening in a digital vacuum, they’re on break at work tweeting about their boss, they’re outside a hospital tweeting about their day, they’re somewhere tweeting about something. This photo project, Geolocations, by Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman show where people are when they send out tweets. It’s completing the picture.

The photos are revealing — sometimes you have tweetable thoughts in the dumbest places. Your bathroom, the train station, the back alley. Other times the tweet locations are powerful — you’re tweeting about trying to start a relationship… from a motel. Larson and Shindelman dig through public Twitter feeds that tag a location and then travel to those spots to photogram them. It’s funny to see a place for the thoughts (er, tweets) that existed there rather than the place itself.

Here are a few of the tweets along with their locations below. You can see more at Larson-Shindelman. [Larson-Shindelman via Wired via PetaPixel]

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Amy is Dying @HighlandHospital

Well. I just got laid off. Despite the raise, I had a sneaking suspicion there was no money. And yep, I was right. I knew something was off.

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