Is Mega Working For You?

Right after the launch of Mega yesterday, a whole bunch of us here at Giz decided to check it out so we could share a whole wealth of PERFECTLY LEGAL files, just like everyone else does. That said, there's been issues getting confirmation emails and blistering upload speeds of 0 b/s for hours on end.

The service just launched, and it's been hit with overwhelming demand, so it kind of makes sense, but is it working for you? Have you actually been able to login to Mega, upload a file, and actually share it with anyone?


    Unable to get an activation email, tried numerous times now with nothing coming through.

    I've managed to upload a short 30kb file, as a test. That took multiple tries over a 36hour period.
    Some people must be uploading a lot of "stuff" or the 2 hamsters and the carrier pigeon ferrying data to NZ must be asleep.

    Got activation, uploaded a test file, logged out and now cannot log in again. Password incorrect. Mega cannot reset it either ..... what to do now? E-mail is already registered. Total stuff up.

    I could get in yesterday, no luck today though.

    Couldn't create an account. Got stuck on form submission. Tried Chrome, Firefox, IE.

    I can log in with no problems, but haven't tried uploading / downloading anything yet. I can't seem to find any link that allows me to change my password. I don't see myself uploading any critical work files to Mega in a hurry though - not really comfortable with the image that Dotcom's PR efforts seem to project.

    Just joined up, but haven't been able to upload anything as speed is stuck on 0 b/s. Also took a long time for the confirmation e-mail to come through.

    It seems to be working for me, try downloading this:

    hello.txt (11 B)!fUQAAbhD!arttawAfVdeTaK8M2KdaO2IO3LEs08M32Abnb4GGN_4

      Still can't download it. :(

    Was able to sign up, received the confirmation link but clicking it resulted in blank page (regardless of browser). Can't sign in, saying incorrect email/password.

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