iRobot's Mirra 530 Gets More Power To Better Compete With Pool Boys

iRobot's updated Mirra 530 pool-cleaning robot promises to make it even easier to tidy up your cement pond. Designed to replace the company's Verro 500 model, the Mirra features a set of large wheels instead of treads to better hug the ground and walls of a pool, as well as a more powerful suction and filtration system.

Available in the second quarter of this year for $US1300, the Mirra 530 uses a self-contained pump to vacuum and filter debris and dirt off any pool surface. So it's cheaper to operate than your pool's built-in system and finishes a cleaning cycle in as quickly as an hour. Like iRobot's Roomba vacuums, the Mirra intelligently maps out an efficient cleaning routine, but since it's tethered, it also makes sure its travels don't end up tangling its power cord. It may not be as sexy as a cabana boy, but at least you don't have to pay it overtime. [iRobot via Automaton]

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