HTC Reports Its Lowest Profits Since 2004

Despite releasing a handful of stellar handsets, the end of last year brought bad news for HTC. The company's posted a profit of just $US34.5 million for the final quarter of 2012 — its lowest ever since 2004.

For some perspective, that's a $US99 million drop compared to the third quarter of 2012 and a staggering $US322 million fall compared to the fourth quarter of 2011. Those are frankly terrifying numbers for the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Somehow, CEO Peter Chou remains positive, claiming that "the worst for HTC has probably passed". He could be right: HTC's slew of high-spec (and well-received) new phones launched well into the fourth quarter of 2012, so their impact may be felt in 2013 instead. For HTC's sake, let's hope so. [HTC via The Verge]



    HTC's tardiness in rolling out Android OS updates isn't helping. I love my One X, but I'm still waiting for the Jelly Bean update, and it's putting me off further HTC phone purchases. A Nexus 4 looks more and more attractive, given its software is quickly updated.

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      Totally agree. I have the One X also and have been hanging for an official JB update.
      It also makes me think that next time I will just get a Nexus phone. I have given HTC two chances with phones and the lack of updates and woeful battery life has put me off.

        Doesn't matter how many times people say it in these forums people still blame the manufacturers for delayed roll out of updates. If you got your phone from a telco and its locked and it branded its the telco who has to push the update not the manufacturer. Most of the telcos have update blogs on their websites which shows what stage a eol out is in. The updates need to be tested to work on the network etc before its pushed. So you can't blame htc for the delays. It's more likely Telstra, Optus or Voda etc that is causing the delays.

          My phone is neither locked nor branded. HTC owes me the update.

            Then you have an issue. Cause htc pushed it ages ago. If your phone was bought from overseas then there is your problem. If the phone was bought from a teleco then they have to push the update.

              Wrong again.

              I bought my phone from a local electronics store, but HTC hasn't pushed out the update in the country I live in. It has nothing to do with local carriers.

              Now, do you finally understand that it's HTC who owes me the Jelly Bean update?

              Cause it seems like ''Doesn't matter how many times I say it in these forums you still don't blame the manufacturer for delayed roll out of the update'' ...


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    I have the S3 and the One X however the One X just sits in the box these days. the crap battery, glitchy contact sync resulting in double ups, no micro sd or removable battery kills it for me. dont get me wrong it is a beautiful device however when it lacks these nerds like myself wont recommend them to my friends and therefore they don't purchase them. All my mates are getting S3 because I tell them its the best Android phone available. You would expect HTC to try and address the issues us nerds bring up time and time again.

      I had a One X untill xmas time when I lost it in a nightclub...Decided to switch to the note 2, while the hardware is far superior the touchwiz is junk compared to sense...I actually miss sense...I dont miss the poor battery life and laggy gaming though

        Yes, I think HTC's Sense is actually a useful Android overlay. (Though I wouldn't ''miss'' it if I went with a Nexus.)

        Really I'm the opposite I found sense glitch and annoying to use. The s3 was my first Samsung so I had never used touchwiz before. I just liked having all the shortcuts for data etc placed in the notification centre. I hated having to dl heaps of widgets and apps to place on the home Page for the one x.

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