How Long Until High-Res Video Stills Replace Photography Altogether?

A big part of photography is being at the right place at the right time and having your camera ready to capture a fleeting moment. But what if you were able to just capture every single moment? That's what 4K video capable DSLRs like the new Canon EOS-1DC promise, and the folks at Untitled Film Works put one to the test to see if motion image photography is officially here yet.

Not surprisingly, the video extols the virtues of shooting video instead of stills, particularly with Canon hardware since the company was kind enough to loan its toys to the cause. But the technique does pose new challenges. Namely the vast amounts of storage needed to capture continuous 4K video, and the mind-numbing process of sorting through thousands of frames afterwards to find the perfect moment or expression.

[Untitled Films via PetaPixel via planet5D]

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