Heatwave Hitting Australia With Temperatures Set To Soar Even Higher

Batten down the hatches and grab the air conditioning remote, Australia, you're in for a heatwave (an actual one) this week. Let us explain why it's going to be so hot, and what you can do to beat the heat.

This heatwave -- which is defined as five days straight of temperatures five degrees above average -- is being caused by a large mass of warm air moving from its previous spot over the centre of Australia to the rest of the interior of the country.

That warm air means business, too. Temperatures around the interior of the country are set to reach the mid- to high-40s over the next few days. Some parts of the country are set to reach 47°C tomorrow -- three degrees off the highest temperature ever recorded in Australia.

The warm air is being pushed by cool fronts all over the country, making the lives of those in the interior miserable right through to mid-next week. Even capital cities like Melbourne will swelter, with temperatures set to hit 40.2°C tomorrow.

So how can you beat the heat? Angus over at Lifehacker has put together some tips on how to get through the swelter. [The Weather Channel]

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    so the days of extreme heat that we had over here in the SW of Western Australia that started on Christmas eve & only cooled down yesterday doesn't count as a heatwave? go figure...

      Depends on the average doesn't it. Maybe a few of those days were only 4.5 degrees above average.

        lets see, average or not, these days were freakin hot... 25/12 - 39.6deg..26/12 - 37.5deg..27/12 - 38.3deg..28/12 - 39.3deg..29/12 - 40.5deg..30/12 - 37.5deg..31/12 - 42.1deg..1/1 - 30.8deg but 78% humidity......

          Sorry dude, you live in Perth you know it's insanely hot for far too much of the year. In the 1970's Perth had a a run of 60 days over 30 and last year almost toppled it as the hottest summer and Perth in 2012 was hottest capitol on Earth.

            lived in Perth all my life bro & used to the weather,i just get a little miffed when our heat waves get described( by eastern states )as a bit warm yet when its the rest of Australia's turn its a massive disaster in the making....

              Uh, that's because those capitals DON'T get those temperatures....so people AREN'T used to it....that's the point.

                no fucktard, the point is we had a nine day heatwave & it was the first summer one in oz, not the one or two hot days they are getting in the east, by the way the Xmas heatwave was the hottest December recordings in 80 years so we DON'T get these temps either....dick.

                  Wow. Touchy much? Think the heat must be getting to you...

                  Stop seeking attention!

      BOM defines heatwave as "three or more consecutive days with maximum temperatures of 35 ┬░C or higher"
      3rd paragraph in under 'Maximum temperature' heading: http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/current/annual/wa/perth.shtml

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    It started in WA is happening in SA, and will effect VIC also. Thankfully we had pleasant temps this Christmas season in SA.

    I don't know, I remember in Melbourne as a kid back in the 70's / 80's we used to get numerous days in the 40's during summer. It would be a very predictable pattern, low 30's, then creep up over a few days to the 40's, then boom, rain for a day or two back in the mid 20's and start the same cycle again.

      That exact same thing is happening in Perth right now.

      same thing still pretty much happens, think black saturday it was 47ish around most of vic then the next day was in the mid 20's

    Pretty sure Melbourne has had the hottest temperature of any capital city at 46.4

      No Sydney hit 47.something a few years ago.

    Yeah but its a dry heat!

      Where's it a dry heat??? (Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, generally 3 of them is correct)

      If it is humid it doesn't get that hot.... (so you like 45 degrees, dry better than humid )....

      Northerners always claim that they get the worst because of the"humidity" (35 degrees and 95% we get that all the time in NSW....then a thunder storm happens....poor dears), south Australians and Western Australians swelter at 30 degrees and blame the humidity....

      Deal with it.... show me a day a 42 or above with humidity above 80%.... rare if not never....

      Perth: gundolini.... only two days over 40Deg, didn't even get hot....

      I always think that we are just getting soft with climate control AC.... (I bet everyone in Perth had their evap coolers going full bore and still complain about the temp....)

      Sure Where I am we have had a nice summer so-far, bit of warm, then a bit of rain... But the hot summers will come back don't worry.... Drink lots of water and make sure you have the SP 30+ at hand....

      Happy Holidays, oops those are over already..

        If it is humid it doesn't get that hot....

        You've never been to Cairns or Port Douglas have you....


          Cairns Hottest EVER in January. 40.4 Degrees.. (I bet that was a shock to the Natives. And most likely a but dry, )

          I Said 42 C deg. for a reason... (Hottest Brisbane day ever 43.2 C in 1940)

          It Doesn't get that hot in Cairns. AND "show me the numbers" (Pair up the Temp and Humidity..

          Everything is in jest. (though facts are true)


          Dubai Heat (dry) Kicks anything we have on the coast.... Just Sucks the moisture out of you, and the Indian workers manage...

            I disagree. Personally, humid heat destroys me and the rest of my family. We get 37-38 and 85% humidity where we live a few days of summer (just inland from the coast south of Sydney).

            Also worked in KL and HK for week or so at a time and the humidity there is absolutely obliviating.

            I much prefer dry heat to humid heat. That's why I talked about Cairns, because the humidity up there is soul-destroying for me. (that's why I go in Sept.)

            If you can handle humidity better, that's cool (pun intended). But most people I know can't. Each to their own.

              Cheers, I like puns...

              I live in Newcastle... (similar weather, though a little more humid than the south coast, probably the same temp..(slightly more warm days though) and have lived in Queensland over the years, I acclimatise quick...
              same goes for European winters (Or Canberra, cold winters, hot dry summers..), though it is always easier to add clothes to stay warm..

              Enjoy... remember its all a bit tongue-in-cheek.

        Where's it a dry heat???
        You clearly haven't watched enough Aliens...

        Last edited 04/01/13 11:34 am

          You've restored my faith in humanity cloudbase.

    global warming

      Yes the elephant in the room - love how everyone is pretending it`s not there :-)

        Yep Global warming like: " "I can remember one Christmas Day when it was over 50C (in the early 1980s)," she said." (Pilbara, Western Australia)

        Anecdotes only, maybe the Bureau doesn't really get the true temperature measurements as Official thermometers are only at selected sites.....

        Hanrahan always thinks its the worst ever at the moment. Maybe so, maybe not....deal with it...

        I was being sarcastic, it is the usual Greens response to anything. That or man made climate change.

    Actually it's called "summer" Luke, it's supposed to be hot mate. I remember some of the summers we used to have as a young bloke, they seemed WAY hotter than the ones we have nowadays.

      Everything was worse for everybody when they were a young bloke *rolls eyes*

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