Heatwave Hitting Australia With Temperatures Set To Soar Even Higher

Batten down the hatches and grab the air conditioning remote, Australia, you're in for a heatwave (an actual one) this week. Let us explain why it's going to be so hot, and what you can do to beat the heat.

This heatwave — which is defined as five days straight of temperatures five degrees above average — is being caused by a large mass of warm air moving from its previous spot over the centre of Australia to the rest of the interior of the country.

That warm air means business, too. Temperatures around the interior of the country are set to reach the mid- to high-40s over the next few days. Some parts of the country are set to reach 47°C tomorrow — three degrees off the highest temperature ever recorded in Australia.

The warm air is being pushed by cool fronts all over the country, making the lives of those in the interior miserable right through to mid-next week. Even capital cities like Melbourne will swelter, with temperatures set to hit 40.2°C tomorrow.

So how can you beat the heat? Angus over at Lifehacker has put together some tips on how to get through the swelter. [The Weather Channel]

Temperature image by Shutterstock

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