Grab Photoshop And CS2 For Absolutely Free Right Here

Adobe has giving us all a late Christmas present. You can grab yourself a free, legitimate copy of Photoshop and the rest of the Creative Suite 2, right now, direct from Adobe. No catch.

Well, unless you think having an Adobe account is a catch. Apparently, Adobe is tired of keeping the activation servers running to support legitimate installs of the 10-year-old CS2, so it's decided to just give it away. Sounds great to me.

Handy if all you need is a quick image editor, Photoshop CS2 will still do all the basic things, just not the new fancy smart ‘content aware‘ stuff. Free's free, so get over to and get downloading. [Adobe via Twitter]

Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.



    turns out its not really free:

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      Thanks Noel.

      EDIT: Whoa.. Adobe official is saying you're only allowed to use the new serials if you've previously purchased the software legitimately.


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      Good clarification. Thanks.

      If I read that right, Adobe are saying it's only for already licenced users, but they can't stop non-licenced users from using it, too.

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    Hardly just "the basic things", Photoshop CS2 offers about 95% of what's in CS6 and 100% of the features you'll want to use every day. Seriously, if I was forced to go back to Photoshop version 5.5 from 1999, it wouldn't affect my day-to-day work in the slightest. This is the bargain of the century.

      Yeah, every major update since CS2 has really only added a tool or two that you can achieve the same effects as with what it already had and a few extra minutes work.

      Clearly you don't work non-destructively in Photoshop, or use Camera RAW.

        Working non-destructively in Photoshop is a complete joke, totally unworkable. I have Xara, Combustion and After Effects to do non-destructive work. I pretty much only use Photoshop because I am forced to at work (stupid Macs).

      I agree, unless you're a professional photographer or graphic designer then CS2 will be more than sufficient. And if you are a professional, you should be buying the latest full versions and writing it off on tax.

    It doesn't provide the most important update in my eyes, 64bit. For me, especially at work, the extra memory makes a world of difference. Apart from that, CS2 does basically everything I need.

      Yeah going back to 32bit would be horrible now lol.
      Great to learn CS with tho if u haven't got the monees.

      What? It only opens one image at a time, it's memory requirments are comparatively modest. There is zero performance difference between 32 and 64 bit Photoshop on any of my systems, even on large print images.

    LOL Biggest cockup from adobe since I cant remember.
    Too late adobe... horse is out of the gate.
    As far as everyone else is concerned... you HAVE given it away for free.
    You did so by publicly posting keys right next to download links for the world to see.
    suck it up.

      Something tells me they don't care too much about this though. I'm pretty sure that they are only saying "IF you already have already paid in the past" as a way of legally protecting themselves against precedent.

        U kidding me? This is the best publicity stunt they could ever have thought out!
        U download Cs2 for free. Realize your horribly outdated after a few weeks and thus more tempted to buy the upgrade to Cs6. Money in the bank :).

        (Sure u can always pirate it if you're a bad muddafuqr, but there will be plenty who will
        pay to get a legit version after this stunt.)

    link is down
    The direct download links still work.

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    Does it also come with Imageready?I loved that program. CS2 was great, I used it for years until I got CS4 or 5...

      It should, Photoshop CS2 was the last one to come with ImageReady

    I have an "educational" version of CS2. As such, I didn't qualify for upgrade to CS3. Much as I'd love Photoshop 6 (extended), there's no way I'd pay Adobe's prices for it.

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