Everybody Should Follow These Rules For Using Their Phone

Because everyone has the freaking internet on their phone these days, we've forgotten common decency in how to use them. There is such thing as phone etiquette! And we should all follow such rules. Cartoonist Ted Slampyak created propaganda-style posters that details a few rules on how to use a phone in public.

It's not that complicated if you think about it but I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to stop checking my phone in mid conversation and such. I think the one where most of us do a pretty good job at is flipping off the ringer when we're in a movie. What bugs you the most about people and their phone use?



    Calling someone is potentially the rudest thing you can do. As Stephen Fry said on QI earlier in the week, it is the equivalent of interposing yourself between two speakers and demanding that one of them speak to you immediately and ignore the other person. I have decided I am going to use my text answering facility a lot more now, in the hope that I can make the point to a couple of friends who call at the most inconvenient time (for me, it's usually completely convenient for them).

      And what if you need an answer right then? I don't see how it's rude to call up and ask a simple question or two rather than twiddling your thumbs for hours to wait for an answer....

        That's obviously because it's all about you, which is the problem. What makes you think the answer you need should take priority over whatever it is the person you are calling is doing?

          So you'll be selfishly rude to your friend who is rudely interrupting you with their own selfish needs?

            No, I will be consdierate to those with whom I am currently interacting and not allow my selfish associate to be rude to them. Again, it's not about you (or me), it's about others.

      There's no way for the caller to know whether the person they're calling is available to take the call or not. In this situation the onus is on the receiver; there is such a thing as voicemail, you know

        No, there isn't. Not on my service, anyway. In fact, pretty much everyone I know has disabled voicemail, it's pointless and the phone never rings for long nough for you to answer it before it goes through to voicemail. BUt what you're saying is pretty much what I said - I'm not going to automatically anwer calls any more, I'm going to make more use of the "It may not occur to you but I have better things to do than talk to you right now" SMS rejection I've set up.

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          1. Generally speaking voicemail isn't available on two tin cans connected with string

          2. "Everyone I know has disabled voicemail" say hi to your deaf friend for me

          3. I hope you enjoy getting punched in the head by people who get that SMS rejection... I mean wow, just... wow. You seem to assume that actually calling someone is somehow a rude, intrusive act on its own. Did you grow up without a telephone or something?

            Seriously, do you really use voicemail? What for? It is always easier and quicker to just call them back or, if put through to voicemail, to hang up and send an SMS. What function does voicemail fulfill in your life? It must be a decade since I've left a voicemail message and I have always disabled it on my phone. Answeringmachiens made sense in the 1980s but we have so many better options today that is seems like a total anachronism.

              It's easier than having to hang up and type out a message, in particular if you're calling someone (hands-free) while you're driving.

                Can't your phone take dictation? Of course, all that matters is what's easier for you, screw the idiot at the other end. Make him go and retrieve your message, it's no effort for you.

                  Holy shit, you're talking to yourself, honestly. You think you're *not* a jerk for your "screw everyone else I'll do what pleases me" attitude? FFS

                  But that's not my attitude, it's yours. I am considerate of the needs of others, which is why I won't force them to retrieve a message from voicemail when it will be easier for them, and no great effort for me, to send an SMS if they don't answer. It is just being courteous.

          I have turned off voicemail, and the only time where it would come in handy is if I miss a call from a private number, as I can't call them back. I guess however if it's important, they'll call back at a later stage, but frustrating that you can't call them back. However when I call back..... they may be talking to someone else, where I'm rude, and we will be playing a game of phone tennis until kingdom come.

      Calling someone is potentially the rudest thing you can do?? If you don't like getting calls on your mobile phone... Then don't have a mobile phone.. It is after all a.. Mobile... Phone..?.. It's primary use is for making and taking calls.

      If I'm setting up a place and time to catch up with mates, I call. I can get everything done in a 30sec phone call rather than texting for 10min.

      And I answer every call, if I'm busy, that's the first thing I say when I pick it up and ill tell them if its not urgent ill call them back. Been working fine for me for the past 10 years.

      I thought the whole unwritten rule on being a friend is that your there when they need you as they are when you need them, otherwise it's not a friendship at all.

        Perhaps you don't understand the use of the word "potentially" in this context? I used to always answer, simply because it is the most efficient policy, but lately two things have occured to me: first, that it often causes me to be extremely rude to others when the phone rings in the middle of a conversation and, second, it encourages my idiot acquaintences to call me whenever it suits them. Now, though, by getting a rejection SMS, they learn when it is convenient for me to receive calls and, over time, how annoying it can be to get calls at inconvenient times (because I know them well enough to pick a time that will stuff them around and I find it annoying enough to want to make that point).

    There's every possibility I don't want to talk to the person talking at me. I find my phone makes a great way to get past that.

    Anyone who uses the iPhone marimba ringtone is guilty of crimes against humanity. They should be put up against the closest wall and shot.

      Hey, that's unfair, jove. When I first got an iPhone (one of the early models), among the first things I did was go through all the installed ringtones to select a "good" one. I eventually came to the conclusion that the marimba ringtone is the best of the lot - I've been using it ever since. I couldn't be bothered installing a 3rd party ringtone and I can't stand ringtones of popular songs, etc.

      Haha. I use that tone - but my phone is always on silent. :D

      it's become the modern equivalent of the classic "Nokia Tune"

    I use my phone with the philosophy of "if I find it annoying then I try not do it myself".
    - Any mobile ringtone, mine is always on silent.
    - Having a phone conversation around other people (I will always walk away/outside to answer or make a call at work, ignore a call on public transport and call back later).

    How about a link to the original article? http://artofmanliness.com/2013/01/08/smartphone-etiquette/

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