Can Chainmail Sneakers Possibly Be Comfy?

In medieval times when everyone was taking swings at everyone else with swords, chainmail was pretty much a wardrobe requisite. These days the threat of sword attacks are few and far between, but a German company called Gost thinks there's still a place for chainmail in modern society. At least for athletes who've embraced the whole barefoot running trend.

Made from actual interlinked rings of stainless steel, the PaleoBarefoots promise the same near barefoot experience as other minimalist running shoes, but with increased protection and better breathability. But, you're still paying for shoes — around $US250 to be exact — made of cold stainless steel that will most certainly not be as light as your New Balances. Is this company onto something here? Were our forefathers right about chainmail? Or are these just an easy way to get a discounted admission to a renaissance fair as a simple period costume?

[Gost-Barefoots via Gear Junkie]


    Pfft. These sneakers offer a useless amount of zombie protection. When the zombocalypse comes, I want a full body suit.

    Wicked applications for filleting a fish with your foot haha

    I can't see any sole, assuming these are chain mail on the base they'd be slippery as shit on nearly any surface you happen across... and at the price of $250, I can buy 3 pair of Five Fingers... pass

      Maybe you can pass on commenting too next time.

      Appears you don't know too much about anything...

    So they're shoes for those who like too... not wear shoes...

    Are the shoeless runners starting to figure out why people invented shoes now?

    Give it 5 years and they'll be back in sneakers again.

    And how would I clean dog crap out of these things.....

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