Boxee Wants To Be Inside Your TV

Up and coming streaming box company Boxee isn't content sitting next to your TV. Instead, it's firing up an initiative to get inside your TV by offering an embeddable option to manufacturers.

The scheme will see Boxee partnering with chip provider Sigma to allow TV manufacturers to embed Boxee's cloud-based live TV, DVR and streaming apps inside their sets. Boxee is seemingly hoping that by offering a pre-designed system, TV manufacturers will be wooed away from developing their own smart systems.

Nice idea, but similar-ish concepts haven't worked in the past. (Ahem, Google TV.) Also, despite the fact that Boxee is a cloud-based system, it's not clear what the route for upgrading Boxee would be over time: TVs last, streaming boxes don't. Still, a nice idea if it can be made to work — we'll just have to see how it plays out. [Market Wire via TNW via The Verge]

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