BlackBerry Spokesperson Alicia Keys Tweets From Her iPhone... Whoops

BlackBerry unveiled Alicia Keys as its new spokesperson, but turns out she's been posting from her iPhone. Seems a little dubious, but we'll see.

It's queer because Alicia came on stage with Thorsten Heins and made a long, drawn out metaphor about being in an exclusive relationship with Blackberry. She said she had been openly using a non-BlackBerry phone (an iPhone according to TweetDeck), but that she's broken up with said not-BlackBerry device. However, the Z10 wasn't official before today. Obviously they're paying Mrs. Swizz Beatz to be the spokesperson, but is this a consensual relationship?


    For any musician that want's to create when out and about I wound't expect anything but iOS. iOS is the only platform with apps like Audiobus, Animoog, iMS20, iPolysix, Figure, Etc, Etc, which are more than capable mobile versions of existing plug-in's to programs like protools, logic and reason.

      >implying that mainstream artists create music when they're out and about.

        >implying that mainstream artists create music

          >implying that mainstream artists create

            >implying that mainstream 'artists' are artists

              >implying that mainstream steams are streams

              but in all seriousness. Alicia Keys actually writes and plays her own stuff.

        Gorillaz did

    Well at least she isn't flogging Blackberry from her iPhone like Oprah did with the MS Surface tablets. Yet.

      at least oprah has the common sense not to promote an ipad

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