Bang & Olufsen's New BeoLab 15/16 Speakers Embed Into The Walls

Bang and Olufsen, the audio systems for wealthy ears, has a new sound system that is meant to be built inside the wall. Made with the BeoLab 15, the BeoLab 16 and Amplifier 1, the system can literally create a wall of sound.

The sound system has four pieces. The BeoLab 15 is a pair of motorised midrange and tweeter units that can move in and out of the wall. The BeoLab 15, which has a 3-inch midrange and 3/4-inch tweeter, can actually be tilted up to 45 degrees so that you can specifically target the audio to anywhere in the room. The BeoLab 16 is the system's subwoofer that has four 4-inch woofers that can give you some oomphy bass without making your walls shake. The Amplifier 1 has six separate amps.

When the system is turned off, you'll just see the discs on the wall. When flipped on, you can tweak and tilt and angle the speakers however you like. It turns your wall into a transformer for music. The whole system will be available later this month for $US4595.

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