An Egg Yolk Separator Is Ideal For The Lazy, Healthy Chef

But how do you get the yolk out of the white? You use the shell. But if your mother never taught you that trick, go for the clever Pluck Yolk extractor.

Crack an egg into a dish, suck the yellow orb into the white chamber and release it into another bowl. Check it out in the video above. It's pretty genius. And just $US13 on Quirky. It's likely meant for healthy cooks who care about cholesterol, but happen to be severely lazy. [Quirky via LikeCool]


    So you're paying 13 US dollars for something you can do with a 20c plastic bottle? Am I missing something?

    Quote - "It’s likely meant for healthy cooks who care about cholesterol."

    The cholesterol in eggs is not the bad kind. It has been shown eggs are all good.

      So one of those Egg Council creeps got to you too, huh?! :p

    That "Inventor Mark Fusco" is just copying ideas off YouTube.

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