Amazing Science Facts: One Sperm Carries Over 37MB Of DNA Data

Did you know that the DNA information in a single sperm contains 37.5MB worth of data? This means that an average ejaculation almost instantly transfers roughly 1.5TB of data. Suddenly USB 3.0 doesn't look that impressive when compared to what Mother Nature's been using for years.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg in this compilation of amazing science facts that's a follow-up to the original from a few months ago. Can you guess what the second best-selling product of all time is behind the Rubik's Cube? Here's a hint, it's also covered in tiny colourful squares, but it calls them app icons. [YouTube]


    "almost instantly transfers"
    Yeah. Nah. There's some spinup time and bottlenecking.
    37.5Mb though huh? Interesting. I assume the egg has a paired-size dataset?

    Also depends on how long your extraction is when you unzip your file....

    I hope someone releases a hack so I can store data other than DNA in my sperm.
    That way if anyone wants some of my music collection I can just cum inside them.

      At 100mbps that would take about 30 seconds. Well done. That's a record.

    Well, the client system usually takes quite a bit to be ready for the transfer. Also, there is a lot of redundancy in that data package.

    It's 1,500 TB of data, not 1.5 TB.

      He said the average....

        No. Hazza's right. Even if you take JUST the median sperm count of 255 million (according to the Wikipedia page on sperm analysis), we're still talking just under 1000 Tb. Work it out.

    I'm sure a lot of that data is repeated so you could probably compress it a fair bit. Just so long as it doesn't get stuck in the .zip

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